Tuesday, December 28, 2010

We Are So Called The Evil Ones

We are so called the evil ones. We have done so much of good deeds. But still regarded as the evil ones. They say we have evil thoughts and we speak bad things. I say they can't see or accept the truth. The blame is always on us. We speak the truth, for we are not blind and even if anyone sees it, they would clearly see the truth.

We are so called the evil ones, and even when they need help, they would rely on us. I say they could see the truth but can't accept it. We were called reluctant when we refused to receive their arrival.

Our good hearts though could not accept their judgement, but still went for the feast. During the feast they ignored us. They talked as if we were invisible to their eyes. They boasted, proud of themselves. The empty tin always makes noise, the full ones are always silent.

We are so called evil for speaking the truth, but we will not stop speaking the truth. 

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Let's go bananas!!

I found this interesting article about bananas. The article has listed many benefits of eating banana. Bananas are great source of energy, vitamins, minerals and they are natural remedies for many illness too. So check out this article and let's go bananas!!

Indian Knowledge System Academy: A banana a day keeps the doctor away!: "Bananas contain three natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. A banana gives an instant, sustained and substan..."

Friday, December 17, 2010

What's the meaning of this?

At one time I'm standing in a forest somewhere in Amazon and talking to a friend. Just above my head I saw a black and red snake gliding on one of the branches. I just ignored it even though I felt disgusted. I hate snakes. I ignored it thinking it won't hurt me. 

We stopped our conversation and continued our journey deep into the forest looking for .... err I'm not really sure what we were looking for. Judging from what we were wearing, the clothes were like in the movies when people go searching for treasure in a lost Indian temple, maybe we were looking for some treasure.

That snake just turned it's head towards us and hissed. I thought I just saw it above my head and it was tiny, but how come it's tremendously huge now, like anaconda? No...no....it's not the effect of watching anaconda. For you information I did not watch that movie until this moment because I dislike snakes and I will not watch that movie in future too.

An idea just popped into my mind. I told my friend, "You know snakes are blind and they use their forked like tongue to feel your breath. So err....let's just stop breathing and stand still."

"Where in the world did you get that idea? That idea only for Chinese ghost!" she said.

"Opps.... I got confused. Help!!" I stood there frightened and it's tongue was pointing right in front of my face. Ewww....

I woke up panting and searching for snake on my bed. It took me a few seconds to realise that it was just a dream. I went to sleep again.

Back in dreamland again. This time I was sitting in an office room. On my left two man dressed in black suit and on my right, that friend who was in the jungle with me earlier. Lying on the table was a piece of paper. One of the man urged me to sign a contract. It was a contract for a new job as a fashion designer.

I was asked to immediately resign my current job and take up that job. The man told me that I was the only one who could do the job and the whole company is now in my hands. Hearing his statements, I laughed.

"Is this a joke. Look I'm not a Fashion Designer, I am a Civil Engineer. I don't know anything about fashion. I think there has been a mistake here." I told him.

I looked at the paper again and when I lifted my head, I was already at the airport holding my luggage. My friend told me we were flying to New York, to my new job as a fashion designer. "There's our plane waiting." she said.

When I saw the airplane, I almost fainted. It was the fighter aircraft used in World War I.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Thanks to the sun...

I have not posted anything in my blog for a long time. The book review for Haruki Murakami's Birthday Stories is still unfinished because I'm still reading the book and maybe I'll add two more book in the post.

Recently, I've been busy with work. Not busy actually but out of mood and feeling a little miserable with one of my projects. We received a letter from the client that we did not monitor the project closely and cared less about it. After reading the letter I really felt demotivated.

Having done all the coordination and being blamed for not involving in the project made me really frustrated. There were clouds and thunderstorm above my head for the past few days.

We have done all we could and my counterparts were supposed to lead the project now. But they somehow failed to do so and the client was really cheesed off with us. Our counterpart didn't want to get involved since the beginning stage, but we had no choice. We only have them, unless if the project was like just a mile away from us.

Finally we had to call all the people involved in this project to sit together and solve the problems. I was praying to the sun for it's golden rays, a rainbow and the white fluffy clouds after the meeting. I thought there would be a storm brewing during the discussion.

But all went well. The client was satisfied when we told them we would send our representative to audit our counterparts work which may look like we don't trust our counterparts.

My dear counterparts, you were supposed to defend us back there not point your finger at us. If a bad name comes for us, it is for you too, as we are one entity.

When the dark clouds and the thunder storm surrounded me, I prayed for the sun to bring me the rainbow and the white fluffy clouds soon. Now that I got the rainbow and plenty of white fluffy clouds, I have to thank the sun who dashed as soon as I called for him in his peacock vahana.

Oh and I forgot to mention this, the night before the meeting, I dreamt I was traveling in a car with my family. I passed a beautiful house filled with blossomed Sakura trees and standing there on the balcony was Tamanna Bhatia talking to someone. I waved at her though I knew she wasn't looking at me and she wouldn't recognise me. The car went on and when I turned and looked at the house again, she waved at me and said 'Hey Jayanthiii!!'. I got over excited and shouted 'hey hey she recognises me' to my brother.

The sun in the form of Tamanna Bhatia giving me signs of good omen. Hehehe... you always want to look beautiful great Lord Muruga.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Facebook Status

What would be your Facebook status? Your current location? You're enjoying a sun bath in Pulau Redang? You're angry at X because she's a real pain in the neck? Your plans for dinner?

My status updates recently are quotes from novels. Since it's not very safe to put your current location as your status or "I'm home alone...yeahh!!". Dad cautioned us to be careful of what we post on the net and even sharing our photos on Facebook.

About a month ago a family friend received an e-mail from Mr.Anonymous demanding a hefty amount of ransom to release their family members kidnapped during a vacation. Apparently one of the family member posted "I'm going for vacation to A from bla bla to bla bla. Hoo-rayy!!" on Facebook before the trip.

I'm not sure whether the e-mail was for real or not. It's best not to let information as such flow to the wrong person. There may be some unknown people on your friends list. Don't let Mr. Anonymous say "I know what you posted on Facebook last night!" and come after you.

If you still want your friends to know that you're enjoying a vacation in some paradise or having dinner at some expensive restaurant, you might want to twist the words. "Dinner: juicy yummylicious Lamb chop." is safer than "I'm having dinner in Victoria Station at 8 tonight. (Hope your stomach burns...hehe)."

As for me, I now prefer quotes as my status. Let's enjoy the beauty of this world through quotes from novels.

'It's lovely to live on a raft. We had the sky up there, all speckled with stars, and we used to lay on our backs and look up at them, and discuss about whether they was made or only just happened.' - by Mark Twain from The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Friday, November 12, 2010

Ordinary yet special

It was just another Monday morning. I have this desease called Monday Morning Blues, feeling mundane on a Monday. All Mondays are the same. When Monday is a holiday, Tuesday Morning Blues awaits.

But today's Monday was different. I woke up feeling energetic and full of excitement, determination and whatever positive words you could use, it was all in me. When I walked on the street on the way to office, I felt like floating and 'jumping from one fluffy white cloud to another' (My definition for extreme happiness).

Gloria Jean greeted me on the way with that yummy coffee aroma. And joy was just waiting for me that morning.  My bosses were all on sick leave. It's a pity they fell sick on that Monday. Oh yes it's a joy when your bosses are not around.

Later that morning I received a call from a florist saying that someone wants to send me a bouquet and the florist didn't have the flower that they were supposed to send me and asked me which flower I would like to have in exchange. "Well, why don't you ask the person who wants to send me the bouquet?."

It was supposed to be a surprise from someone and the florist ruined it. I laughed my heart out and called Jinji Love to thank him for the 'surpriseee!!!'.

It was the time of the month to reward myself. This month was a little more special, so I presented myself with Haruki Murakami's Birthday Stories. (Book Review on my next post). After searching for the perfect gift, I was given another sweet surprise from a colleague, Satya. Chocolate Indulgence for me to indulge all afternoon in its sweet, rich coverture Belgian chocolate and creamy white chocolate filling.

That evening I received my champagne rose bouquet. Though it was just another ordinary Monday for others, for me, it was a special one. I was happy as a clam at high tide because 'on this day in the year 1984.....'

(Note: Post written on 01.11.2010,edited and  published on 12.11.2010)

The whole week was indeed a great one with birthday wishes, presents, a colourful daisy bouquet, holidays, Deepavali and a wonderful belated birthday celebration for three lovely ladies, me included.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Annam's Deepavali

Annam looked through the glass window. The mannequins were adorned with beautiful Sarees and Salwar Kameez. Beads and sequins spread on the materials like morning glory creeping up a fence to reach for sunlight. A pair of glittering glass bangles decorated with white stones dangling on both hands of a mannequin.

Annam's big brown eyes looked at the mannequins. Yearning. How she longed to own such a beautiful costume for Deepavali. She let a long sigh and looked away.

The streets were busy with people crossing roads, families rushing to find a place to park their cars and customers bargaining. Songs from films blasted and once in a while there were announcements inviting customers to shops offering Deepavali sale. Parents and children, hands full of shopping bags, smiled away happily satisfied with their purchase. A group of young girls beside Annam were showing their costumes and comparing the prices.

Annam gave another sigh and approached the group of girls. Clutching in her hand a long stick with several hooks bearing colourful cotton candy. The girls purchased a few cotton candies. It was Annam's last sale. It was time to go home and join her family to celebrate the eve of Deepavali.

That night, Annam and her siblings gathered for prayers. Annam's mother prepared some offerings for their grandparents and Annam's father. After the prayers they had dinner and later they gathered again to receive their Deepavali costumes. All her sibling were excited, took their costumes and compared with each other.

Annam however was not excited. She was sad that their Deepavali cloths were old stocks given to Annam's mother by her employer. Her mother noticed her sad face. She sat beside Annam.

Annam's mother told her that Deepavali is not about wearing new cloths. It's all about living a simple life and appreciating what god gave. Man have many desires and controlled by their ego and greed. There is a difference of between needs and wants. The light will guide us of what we truly need and can afford. The darkness of the greed and ego shall banish and replaced with the light of wisdom

Annam smiled. She ran outside and joined her siblings to light up the oil lamps.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


It was dark and cold. Achai could hear the heavy fall of rain drops on the ground. He could smell the damp earth. A strong wind blew the wet leaves and Achai shivered. A flash of lightning made the sky bright for a second followed by a loud thunder. It sent shivers down Achai's spine.

Achai was scared of lightning and thunder. On a rainy day Achai's master would call him into the shop to stay warm and safe. He usually snuggles happily under his cozy blanket and watch through the window, waiting for the rain to stop.

Now he stood outside the shop not knowing where to hide. His master was gone for almost a day and have not return. Achai's stomach made some strange noise. He did not eat anything since morning. Achai never felt this strange noise coming from his stomach before.

Achai sat down in front of the shop now, shivering in cold, staring at the roller shutter, waiting for his master to open the shutter and call him into the shop. The rain was getting heavier. Achai curled up to warm his body. He lay there hoping for his  master to return soon.


Achai was a guard dog at his master's shop. His master moved away and left Achai in the streets. Now Achai lives on the streets with other stray dogs depending on left over food. Appa feeling pity on him will buy him fried chicken.

Poor Achai is still waiting and hoping that his owner will return one day. Achai does not know that he was left. He only knows that his master loves him and waits for his master to return for him.

Imagine you are Achai.....

Monday, October 25, 2010

6 Man And A Banana Peel

On the 8th day of Navarathiri, Amma and I went to temple for Sarasvathi Poojai prayers. After the prayers the temple committee usually organises a 'talk session' about Hinduism and culture. This time Mr.Vendargon who speaks for Astro's Viluthugal Programme was invited.

He talked about the 6 ways towards a successful life and gave many examples, some were hilarious but the truth about our community. Here I am just posting one part of his speech which I find very interesting. 6 Man And A Banana Peel. I altered it abit because I could not remember the exact words he spoke. But the gist of the story is there.

A man ate a banana and threw its skin on the street. The second man walking on the street, didn't notice the banana peel. He stepped on it carelessly, slipped and fell on the ground. He cried out in pain and left the place.

The third man also carelessly stepped on the banana peel, slipped and fell. He cried out in pain . He did not pick the banana peel but left it there. He wanted the next person who slips and falls feel the pain that he felt.

The fourth man walking on the street noticed the banana peel. He scolded the person who threw it on to the ground. He then left.

The fifth man walking on the street saw the banana peel. He stopped and wondered who threw it on the ground and why they threw it on the ground and not into the dustbin. He complained to a few passerby that some irresponsible man threw a banana peel on the ground and advised that it should be thrown into the dustbin or someone might slip on it and fall. He then left.

The sixth man walking on the street saw the banana peel on the street and picked it up. Without saying anything he threw it into the dustbin. He didn't want anyone to slip and fall. He then left.

Most people are like the first, second, third, fourth and fifth man, and very few are like the sixth man. Considerate.

Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree - Marian Wright Edelman.

Friday, October 22, 2010


On my way to the hospital for ENT check up last week. I was very disappointed with the way two people behaved. The customer, an Indian man with his wife and daughter (looking tired and annoyed) were at the counter asking for directions. The receptionist directed him to bring his daughter to the Emergency Department for diagnosis. The Emergency Department was quite far from the Day Care Clinic.

The man apparently got lost many times, I guess, so he was frustrated. When the receptionist directed him to another location, he was mad and started blaming the receptionist, the government, the country etc. for making his day a miserable one.

Just after the man left, the receptionist who was also frustrated with the way the man spoke to her, expressed her anger to her colleague in an impious manner. "This Indians are all stupid, bodoh.... Keling ni ....".

I was surprised to hear her speak in such a manner. If she said all Indians are stupid that means she is also stupid because she is also an Indian. She just declared publicly that she is stupid.

Both their attitude just gave a wrong impression of an Indian to the other races. If we want others to respect us (Indians), we must first learn to respect our own people.

Our respect for others, the way we communicate with one another and our manners are part of what we were thought for generations. It is one of the lessons thought in our (Indian) culture. But we have long forgotten our culture and values.

As Gandhi said "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them". We stopped that is why we have such attitude.... 

Note: I hope no one gets mad, offended or anything with this post. Am writing this not to point out at anyone. I know the two people behaved that way because of frustration and anger. I want our community to change for good. I want a better Indian community. A community that sustains the values of our culture not make em' disappear/extinct. To others (non Indians) who read my post, it goes for ya all too. Change for a better country.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Tickling Hot Dry Chillies

Amma and I went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries the other day. I was complaining all the way that Appa's car is too long, difficult to park and 'drinks' too much of oil for a short distance. Amma was just listening. When we reached the hypermarket, luckily the parking lots were free. It's a working day that's why.

This is where we buy our spices and veggies sometimes. We do get it at the market but since we're buying other household items as well so we buy it here one shot. As we were picking the onions, the stocker (the guy who stocks items in a grocery store etc.) was untying a sack of red hot dry chillies. Amma quickly said "Lets go the other side, I'll start coughing if I stand here!".

Just then the stocker poured the dry chilies into the basket and everyone started coughing and sneezing. 'Ahhhchhooos' at every corner of the veggy & fruit section. It lasted for about 10 minutes. Wow! I didn't know that dry chillies were so powerful until it can irritate a human's nose and throat so badly.

Once a senior of mine in campus told me that it's bad to hold your sneeze. "Sneezing is the good that gets the ill out," she said. Well than its a good thing the stocker helped those people to get the 'ill' out of their nose.

But I remember reading an article on the net that said a single sneeze can produce 40,000 aerosolized droplets containing a hefty amount of infectious organisms. And now I'm inhaling all those infectious organisms, arrggghhh ...... it's time to cabut (get out) from here.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Motivation For The Day

I would like to share a very nice e-mail I received this morning from a friend. Written in simple words but very motivational.


When I woke up in the morning lying in the bed, I was asking myself;
What are some of the secrets of success in life?
I found the answer right there, in my very room.

The Fan said be cool
The Roof said aim high
The Window said see the world
The Clock said every minute is precious
The Mirror said reflect before you act
The Calender said be up-to-date
The Door said push for your goals


Carry A Heart That Never Hates
Carry A Smile That Never Fades
Carry A Touch That Never Hurts


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Imitation Of Life

Have you heard of this quote imitation is the highest form of compliment. It is nice to imitate someone like Bill Gates or Dr.Abdul Kalam and have their qualities and abilities. But to the young generations, they don't only see Bill Gates and Dr.Abdul Kalam. They watch and learn more from us. We as parents, siblings, teacher, friends, public etc. through our actions and character pose an example to them.

For instance, you spend $300 at the bar and another $50 you tip the bar tender. But when the grass cutter charges you just $15 to mow your lawn you complain it's too expensive. Think for yourself. It is unfair for you to complain that the grass cutter is charging you high. If you could tip the bar tender $50 then how come you can't pay the grass cutter $15 . Your children are watching your unreasonable mentality and in future this is how they will be, biased.

How about this situation. You queue up to get into the train. But you are standing far behind and have less chance to get into the train due to massive crowd. When the train arrives you just jump the queue and push your way into the train ignoring the person standing first in line for hours. Once one person start doing this then everyone follows it. This is how our future generation is going to be, without tolerance.

There are many small mistakes we make that we don't realize. Or perhaps we realize it but we do not want to correct it because of pride and ego. But let us think of it again, do you want your children to imitate your bad examples. And does that compliment you?
Copyright © Jayanthi.K

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Hari Malaysia 16.09.2010

If not for you...
I would not have learned to say 'terima kasih' and 'xie xie'
I would not have laughed and shared joys with
friends of different races,
I would not have tasted yummylicious
Nasi Lemak, Satay, Dim Sum, Char Kuey Teow, etc.

If not for you...
I had to walk a thousand miles to my destination,
I had to carry buckets of water to quench my thirst,
I had to use a kerosene lamp to study,
I had to bare sleepless nights coz of mosquitoes,
I had to sleep on the floor and shiver in cold.

If not for you...
I would not have a chance to be who I am today,
I would not have read 'Sarasvathi',
I would not have played 'Sarasvathi',
I would not have 'Letchmi' and so died of poverty. 

Selamat Hari Malaysia!
I'm proud to be a Malaysian.
Thank you Malaysia.Copyright © 2010 Jayanthi.K


Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Stuff and Nonsence

Mum always told us not to talk about others or more like gossip about others. It's never a good thing to do because when you hear others talking bad about you, "you'll be hurt", she says.

Mum also said my late grandfather (whom I never got to see) never encouraged his children to read entertainment magazines especially concerning the Tamil film and music industry.

We were brought up the same way too. Mum never encouraged us to read entertainment magazines. "The news aren't true, they make it up to sell their products" she says.

I was different though. Being with a circle of friends whom constantly talked about the entertainmant world (western), I did not want to loose out. Friends of mine had Astro, which at that time was newly introduced and not many had it. They would chat about the latest music video on MTV and of course the gossips.

I had my way to catch up with the entertainment world. Newspaper's entertainment section and the radio. Though I didn't get as much information on the latest hits and gossips, I still had something to cling on with the gang.

I stopped this nonsence right after my schooling days. I realised it wasn't worth plus I would feel sad whenever there is some bad news about my idol. Mum was right, I would imagine how that person would feel when they see those unscrupulous articles.

Read through singer  Chinmayi's blog post the other day. She commented on one of the entertainment magazines back in India that published news of her shifting to some other place. The funny thing was she got to know of her 'shifting news' after she read the magazine. Kwaa kwaa kwaa....

I'd rather hear news from the actor or singer themselves. Kudos to Chinmayi for creating her own blog.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nothing is Impossible

Here's one of my creations....

Vaishnavee was so upset and confused. Only two days left for the competition. She hasn't completed her designs. Bundles of cloth materials of all kinds were lying everywhere on the floor. Mannequins with unfinished Salwar Kameez tops and bottoms made her even more upset. She was now on the verge to give up her dreams of becoming one of the top designers of Indian costumes.

The image of herself holding the most prestigious award slowly vanished into dark black clouds. Vaishnavee rose from the couch. She looked at herself in the mirror.

"Am I going to look like this forever? So upset like I lost my life. Never!!"

She ran to the washroom sink and washed her face. The coolness of the water made her feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Then looking back into the mirror she saw the image of herself as the worlds top designer. Her designs were sold all troughout the world.

To be what she always wanted to be she has to throw all her negative thoughts and habits. With determination Vaishnavee worked hard to complete her designs to be presented at the most awaited Fashion Show Finale. She has made it to this point and now nothing is going to stop her.

Finally the day of the competition arrived. Walking down the runaway were models presenting Vaishnavee's Designs. The crowds cheered and the judges looked intently at the pieces and jot down the marks. The image of herself as the top designer appeared again only this time it was on the headlines and fashion magazines.

"If you believe it's too difficult, it will be.
But if you believe it is possible, it will be.
And if you want it to be, you need to believe."

Why The Teacher Caned Me?

It's so weird how some people behave. I was just sitting on my sofa and thinking about my past or rather my schooling days. That day was...err couldn't remember the exact date, but I was in standard 5, year 1995. It was a Bahasa Malaysia period. We were instructed by the teacher to complete an essay on a workbook.

I was flipping the pages of my workbook to find 'that' page we were supposed to write an essay. When I reached my destination ('that' page), to my surprise I had already completed the essay because apparently I had marked extra pages for the previous homework thus I have completed 'that' page.

Then 'that' kid sitting next to me just grabbed my workbook, ran to the teacher's desk and told the teacher that I had already completed my essay earlier.

I thought the teacher wouldn't mind my careless mistake. But my bad luck, she got so mad and called me to her desk. She scolded me and took the cane and hit my palm. And 'that' kid laughed at me. My eyes were full of tears and I really felt sad.

I just couldn't understand that such a lame mistake could be a big issue for the teacher. I was caned because I did extra work? I know I didn't follow her instruction (only that once). That is NOT a reason to cane a student, unless I never followed her instruction all the time.

I still wonder till today, the teacher caned me because I did extra work? Why?

Monday, September 6, 2010

It's Never Too Late To Learn

Today I sat for my ABRSM Grade 2 Theory Exam. Wasn't that tough, of course I practised a lot. It was my first official music exam. Only kids were sitting for these exam. I was the one and only adult there. Felt embarrassing.

I had to throw away my 'ego'. It's my dream to learn to play the Piano. Of course I wish to learn Indian classical music as well but.... guess I'll start with Piano first. Singing....maybe later.

Waiting for the practical Piano exam. I hope I can get a distinction for it. Just need to work hard on it, especially my tempo, it's horrible. The moment my instructor starts the metronome, I get so nervous and play the song I practiced 'bezzilion' times like I never seen a Piano before. I seriously need to get that nervousness out of me before the practical exam.

For those who think I'm wasting my time on music, hell you all should do what you want to do not do what others want you to do. I'm happy I finally got a chance to fulfill my dreams. It's never too late to learn anything.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Lady Marion? Robin Hood? No it's Jayne!!

Archery!! I've always wanted to try it since the UTM days but never had a chance. This time I never miss it. Me and Jinji Love were at Sunway Pyramid, one of our hang-out spots on a Saturday. We passed by the bowling alley and just beside it was the archery.... yeahhh! This is my time to try it. We paid RM 16 each per game (12 arrows).

Gosh....I was damn exhausted. That archery bow was so heavy. I had to use all my strength and energy to hold it,pull the bow string and aim before lettin go the arrow. And after a few shoots.....my chest was achin....hwaa... that shows I'm a real couch potato lately...

Here are some of the snapshot of me posing like Robin Hood!

"Aimin......I'm gonna hit the target"

"That's the Robin Hood Pose"

After the game we went to this restaurant I mentioned earlier to have their yummylicious desserts. Wasn't that yummylicious at all....it just looked pretty that's all. By the way I forgot the name of the restaurant. It's somewhere in the Asian corner...


"This dessert conned me....hwaaa"

Friday, August 20, 2010

A Precious Stone Cannot Be Polished Without Friction

When you face someone who pretends to be kind to you,
Someone who only care for themselves,
Someone who purposely do things to hurt you,
Someone who feels happy to hurt you,
Someone who looks down at you,
Someone who don't appreciate your help,
Someone who only thinks of pushing you down.

Don't feel sad,
Don't let your self esteem sink,
Don't be afraid of  losing their friendship,
For their friendship is not worth a single cent,
Remember, they will get a taste of their own medicine.

Show them that you don't depend on them,
Show them that you are better than them,
Show them you are independent and able to face any obstacles,
Show them that you are strong and cannot be broken by their harsh words and action,
Show them that you are better off without them.

Life is full of challenges and obstacles,
Your goal is to accomplish your dreams successfully,
Situations like this come into our lives only to shape up our self esteem,
So don't loose hope and concentrate on achieving your goal.
A precious stone cannot be polished without friction,
nor humanity perfected without trials.

Copyrights Reserved.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Thank God Its Friday

Jam..............jam.......jam!!!!! All the roads are congested. I'm so stressed till the max. I spend at least 3 hours on the road a day, back and forth. That means 60 hours in a month which is equal to two and a half days in a month. This is crazy... that's why I'm always waiting for Friday. The moment the clock ticks 5.00p.m on a Friday, I rush to punch my card.....and shout 'the weekends here'. Weeehhaaa!! (Oh yea.....we still use punch card system in my office.)

Weekends are like gifts for me. I'm free from work loads, stress and TRAFFIC JAM!
This weekend activities:-

  • Friday after work - Relaxxxxx , Facebooking, Blogging and of course practice my piano

  • Saturday - Outing with my Jinji Love. Movies, yummy fruity deserts at Sunway Pyramid. I found a restaurant that serves beautiful desserts and I'm craving for the past 3 weeks to try their 'yummylicious' desserts. Mmmmmmm....  I'll include the photos on my next next post

  • Sunday - Rest day and thought of sewing a dress.

  • Sunday Night - get ready for a terrible jammy week.. Hwaaa

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Bad Bad Nursery Rhymes But Funny

While surfing blogs, I found this funny nursery rhymes. The blogger found it on a Friendster bulletin. Well here it goes......sing it like the kindergarten days :)

Mary had a little pig,
She kept it fat and plastered,
And when the price of pork went up,
She shot the little bastard.

Mary had a little lamb,
Her father shot it dead.
Now it goes to school with her,
Between two slices of bread.

Jack and Jill
Went up the hill
To have a little fun.
Stupid Jill forgot the pill
And now they have a son.

Simple Simon met a Pie man going to thefair.
Said Simple Simon to the Pie man, "
What have you got there?"
Said the Pie man unto Simon,
"Pies, youDumb Ass"

Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall,
Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.
All the kings' horses,
And all the kings' men.
Had scrambled eggs,
For breakfast again.

Hey diddle, diddle,
The cat took a piddle,
All over the bedside clock.
The little dog laughed to see such fun.
Then died of electric shock.

Georgy Porgy Pudding and Pie,
Kissed the girls and made them cry.
And when the boys came out to play,
He kissed them too 'cause he was gay.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Escape to French Village

The day I eagerly waited for finally arrived. 14th of August 2010, my trip to French Town with my dear Jinji and his sister, Puvi. Both of them were excited about this trip too. Its Jinji and Puvi's first time to French Town. I went there years ago with my family. But the thought of the breath taking scenery and the beautiful french artistic buildings inspired by the Original Colmar Village in Alsace, France never bored me. Plus its a great place to snap photos. :)

The journey to Colmar Tropicale Berjaya Hills French Village in Bukit Tinggi Pahang took us about 90 minutes. Of course we intent to reach there earlier but I took the wrong turn and missed the exit to Kuantan, somewhere near Batu Caves. Thanks to our road signage!

Need I explain more of this beautiful village. A Picture speaks a thousand words.  Lovely photographs of Jinji, Puvi and me.

I loved this trip and looking forward to go again.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Case of The Missing Files (Continued)

Chapter 4: Two Clues


Feeling embarrassed and angry, Jayne Cody left McTwiggies's office and went straight back home. Jayne was feeling very down over the incident. She sat down at her couch and thought hard about what happened this morning. Why would Cloe, her best friend would want to play such a terrible prank on her? Jayne felt miserable and she went to bed early. "I'll feel better when I wake up in the morning" Jayne told herself.

The next morning, Jayne woke up early. As she went down to have breakfast, the door bell rang. Someone was outside the door. Jayne quickly went to the door and open to see who it was. It was the mail man.

"Good Morning Miss Jayne, I have your mails and today's newspaper." Jayne thanked the mail man and took her mails and newspaper. When she looked at the front headline on the newspaper, Jayne was shocked. The headline reported that McTwiggies Detective Agency has dropped the botanic park robbery case claiming that there were not enough evidence to proceed with the case. The agency also said that some of the victims had withdrawn their complaints.

"So that's the reason McTwiggies didn't want me to be involved in this case." Jayne said to herself. She immediately rang Cloe and told Cloe to meet her at Botanic's Starbucks in 15 minutes. Jayne slipped onto her overcoat, took her keys and dashed into her Myvi. In 5 minutes, Jayne reached Starbucks and parked her car. Cloe parked her car next to Jayne's. Both girls went in, took their seat and made orders.

"What's the matter Jayne? Did you meet Chief McTwiggies?" Cloe asked Jayne as she chuckled when she mentioned the detective's name. Jayne told her about the embarrassing incident at the detective's office yesterday. She also told Cloe about the shocking news on today's paper.

"I can't believe Chief McTwiggies did such a thing! I was telling you the truth. He was the one who told me that he wanted to meet you." Cloe said angrily.

"Cool down Cloe. I think Chief McTwiggies is hiding something about this case." Jayne said.

"Well I bet he must be the one involved in this robbery. We can report this to the police and he'll be in jail" Cloe said and sipped her coffee.

"Don't jump the gun Cloe. We haven't got any evidence that chief McTwiggies is involved in this robbery. Maybe he isn't. Maybe the robbers threatened him. Rest assure we must find out what's happening? But I haven't got any idea on where to start my investigation." Jayne sighed.

"I guess we can meet the chief again and talk about it. What do you think?" Cloe asked hoping for a positive answer.

" Hmmm.... I guess we could." Jayne agreed.

Jayne told Cloe to meet her at her house tomorrow morning so that they could go to the detective agency together. Cloe agreed and waved good-by to Jayne. Jayne then walked out of Starbuck towards her car. Jayne had a gut feeling that the chief was in some kind of trouble even though he acted as cool as a cucumber yesterday.

"I was too busy thinking of how embarrassed and humiliated I felt and forgot to notice anything unusual."

At a distance, Jayne saw a lady that looked very familiar. It was Anna White, Chief McTwiggies secretary. The lady was standing in front of an office and pressing on the door bell. After a few second the glass door opened and she went into the office. Jayne felt suspicious about Anna and she went closer to the office.

'Gulivers Agency' the sign read. "How interesting."Jayne thought. "What could possibly be Anna's motive to be here? Did Anna White steal the evidence and now she is selling it to another detective agency?"

Jayne was so eager to find out what was the reason for Anna's visit to Gulivers Agency. A moment later she saw Anna White walking towards the glass door. She quickly leaped into her car to avoid being noticed by Anna. But to her surprise, Anna came right in front of her car and knocked on the window screen.

"I saw from the office Jayne, you were prying on me! What do you want?" Anna asked furiously.

"I was curious about your presence at this detective agency? Why were you here in the first place? Does Chief McTwiggies knows about your visit?" Jayne queried.

"Well Jayne, you're a nasty, prying busybody. I'm not telling you anything and if you happen to mention about my visit here to the chief, I'm not bothered at all. He's a loser and I'm quitting very soon." Anna White snapped.

She walked to her car in haste. A small key fell from her handbag. Jayne quickly took the key and slipped it into her pocket. Its was Anna's office room key. When Jayne turned to start her car, a clerk from the Gulivers Agency came out waving at Jayne.

The tall, slim and polite lady asked Jayne to pass an important envelope to Anna. The lady thought that Jayne was Anna's friend. Jayne was excited. "Two clues in a row. It wouldn't hurt to find out what was in the envelope and sneak into Anna's office room later."


Monday, May 31, 2010

The Case of The Missing Files

Chapter 1: Sunday Morning Plan


It was Sunday morning, and Jayne Cody plan to spend some time at the mall to shop for some new cloths and later watch a movie. Jayne checked the clock and it was only 8.30 a.m. The mall only opens at 10 a.m. Since there is still another one and half hour to get ready for her shopping spree, Jayne thought she could just sleep a little longer. 45 minutes will be enough to get cleaned and dressed. As Jayne closed her eyes for a 'short sleep', the phone rang and shocked her. Jayne moved the comforter and rose slowly.

"Who could it be? It's Sunday morning and everyone is supposed to be in bed" Jayne mumbled. She went down stairs to answer the phone.

Jayne : Hello, good morning. Jayne here.

Caller : Hello Miss Jayne. We are calling from Breeze Bank. We would like to introduce you to our new credit card. Are you interested to listen?

Jayne : Breeze Bank?? I've never heard of such bank!

Caller : Oh I guess Miss Jayne you are still in dreamland and I could smell it till here... your mouth stinks...wakaka..

Jayne : Damn you Cloe.... what's up?

Cloe : Jayne what's your plan today? Could I meet you for a small chat...

Jayne : I'm going to the mall for some shopping at 10.00 a.m. We could meet up at Secret Recipe. What time shall we meet?

Cloe : Alright. I'll meet you at 10.

Jayne : Cloe... what's the matter?

Cloe : I'll let you know when we meet up.

Jayne : Okay...I can't continue my sleep now since my curiosity is killing me.

Cloe : Sorry Jayne. I'll meet you there. Take Care. Bye.

Jayne : See you then. Bye.

Chapter Two : New Case


At the mall Jayne met Cloe and both the girls went into Secret Recipe. They took a cozy seat next to the window. Jayne ordered her favourite Blueberry Cheesecake and coffee and Cloe took Oreo Cheesecake and coffee.

Jayne : So Cloe? Is there something interesting you want to tell me?

Cloe : Yes Jayne. I have a case for you. Yesterday I met Chief McTwiggies at my cousin Thanya's wedding reception. He told me he needs your help on a case.

Cloe was seriously discussing but Jayne's face suddenly turned red and she was trying her best to keep her mouth zipped and tears were strolling down from her eyes. Cloe got a shock looking at Jayne's reaction.

Cloe : What's the matter Jayne? Are you alright?

Jayne couldn't take it anymore and she burst out into laughter.

Cloe : Jayne what is it? =.='

Jayne : Haha.... sorry Cloe I just can't take it when I hear Chief McTwiggieses name. HAhaha!

Cloe : Jayne please be serious. But you're right about his name. It does sound funny. Hahaha...

Both the girls were laughing their heads off for at least ten minutes. After calming themselves down Cloe started the conversation back.

Cloe : Well Jayne, the chief told me lately there has been too many daylight robbery cases at the Botanic Park. These robbers are wearing mask and they threaten the public with knives. You heard about it rite.

Jayne : Yup. Just last week chief told me the victims have made their complaints and the chief's
men have filed the cases. By now I guess they would be working on the case.

Cloe : Yes they have filed the cases but yesterday morning the case files were missing from the detective agency's office. The chief and his men have thoroughly checked their office but the files are nowhere to be found. That's why the chief needs your help to solve this mystery.

Jayne : There must be someone who do not want this case to proceed. These robbers must be from a syndicate group and they may have someone from inside the agency to help them. I'm just guessing. There might be other possibilities. I'll meet up with Chief McTwiggies tomorrow morning.

Cloe : What about this evening? Tomorrow might be a little late.

Jayne : Cloe it's Sunday and it's my shopping day. You know I'm so obsessed with shopping. I can't spend time with McTwiggies today. He'll be busy baking 'Twiggies'...

Cloe : HAHAHA!!

Jayne : (Smirk) I'll meet the chief later this evening. I'll have to make an appointment with him first. Well let's see where did I put my brand new IPhone??

As Jayne was looking for her IPhone in her handbag, the couple sitting beside them thought in their heart "What a show off. Like nobody has an IPhone".

After making an appointment with Chief McTwiggies at 4.30 p.m, Jayne and Cloe left Secret Recipe. They waved good-by and parted.

Chapter 3 : Mystery Solved


Soon after Jayne finished her shopping spree, lunch and movie, she left to meet Chief McTwiggies. At the office she met Chief McTwiggies's secretary Anna White. Anna then guided her to the detective's room.

McTwiggies : Hello there Jayne.

Jayne : Hello Chief McTwiggies. I heard about the robbery in your office and the missing case files. Cloe told me this morning. I'm glad that you called me to help you find some clues on the missing file case. I take this case very seriously as the evidence you had is missing right now. Before I start investigating, I need to see your CCTV recordings and the visitor registry to check on who had visited this office yesterday and the previous day. I'm also suspecting there might be someone from inside your office who might have connection with this robbery. So I need to see some of your staff for an enquiry session.

McTwiggies : Jayne..... I appreciate your determination to help us in solving a case. I understand that you are so keen in becoming a detective or private investigator just like errr.... Nancy Drew. But...

Before the detective could finish his sentence, Jayne interrupted.

Jayne : Well chief I'm always smart, curious, ambitious and there is not enough words to describe my intelligence. Anyhow please get to the point, I need to solve this mystery immediately.

McTwiggies : Jayne....... Cloe made a joke out of you. There is no missing file case.

Jayne : Wa....wa.....what..? errr..... sorry Chief McTwiggies.. (^_^)' (embarrassed). Guess there is nothing more to say....hehe... I...I'll leave.....

Feeling extremely embarrassed, Jayne immediately stood and left the office. Outside she could hear Chief McTwiggies laughing his head off.


Thursday, May 27, 2010

What makes me happy

Laying on my cozy bed with my eyes closed, I thought of all the wonderful things that made me happy. The words, food, places, etc. that comes into my mind and just make me feel like jumping from one cloud to another with joy...

1. A Pink Room

2. The word 'whimsical'

3. Pale face pink nose

4. Sweet candy pie

5. Ginger bread man

6. Pink Parlour

7. Brooklyn Street

8. Tropical Bunch

9. Plain blue sky

10. Turkish delights

11. Table toppers

12. Pretty pink

14. Rosemary scent

15. Vivid red rooms

16. Milky way

17. Stary stary night

18. Waterlily bouquet

19. White terrier

20. Blueberry cheesecake

21. Cold rainy day

22. Soft baby feet

23. Smell of Toasted bread

24. Denim mini skirt

25. Long black soft shiny straight hair

26. Lavender Cake House

27. Golden Retriever Puppies

28. Garden tea party

29. A long walk in the autumn

30. Ice skating

31. Little boys and girls giggling

32. Chocolate bar

33. Warm bubble bath

34. Beautiful view from the room

35. Magical journey

36. White Christmas

37. Candy Land

38. Purple heart shaped balloon

39. Pearl earrings

40. Colour pencils

41. Journal of life

42. Collection of stamps

43. Wooden shed in the garden

44. Tamanna Bhatia (she just makes me so happy)

45. Laughing

46. Beautiful Castle

47. Sakura Tree

48. Vacation

49. Old diary

50. Sherlock Holmes

51. Jewelery box

52. Tiny wooden elephants

53. Smell of spices

54. Garden full of beige and pink roses

55. Love letter

56. Tea Estate

57. Cottage

58. Swimming pool

59. Cruise

60. Sweet dreams

61. Waterfall

62. Charity work

63. Village tour to Nepal

64. Vintage car

65. Gift boxes

66. English tea cups

67. Piano

68. Mysteries

69. Blogging

70. Hot Milo on a rainy day

71. Bed time stories

72. Peter Rabbit

73. Beach

74. Fruit tart

75. Baking

76. Gardening

77. Me having stunning looks

78. Ballerina

79. Crayons

80. Discovery Travel and Living

81. Indescribable feelings (Whats that about..??)

82. Goosebumps

83. Charming looks

84. Bells

85. Saint Anne's Church

86. Candles

87. Smell of fried onions

88. Seashell

89. Old calender

90. Bumblebee.... (this word made me think of my sister's new baby boy~Veinthaan)

91. Baby Veinthaan's tiny little feet

92. Baby Veinthaan's tiny fingers

93. Baby Veithaan's chubby cheeks (hmmm....he's so adorable)

94. Baby Veinthaan's cute laughter

95. Ferries wheel

96. a big fat cat

97. Satay Kajang.... mmmmm

And suddenly I imagined...

98. myself having a wardrobe full of elegant, beautiful and stylish cloths, shoes, handbags and accessories..... (@.@)

99. and 365 days of new cloths, shoes, handbags and accessories

100. the world stopped and I am the only moving person......

101. myself being beautiful till death

102. travel back to the past and witnessing HISTORY with my own eyes....

103. receiving expensive presents for my birthday...tons of em

okay.....stop Jayne back to normal stuff...

104. Hawaiian Chicken Pizza

105. Car ride with Brownie's head out of the window and sticking his tongue out...

106. Finally running around jinji and laughing happily....

When I open my eyes......wow I feel so damn good. I feel so happy ... 'as happy as a clam at high water'.....yeeehaaaaaaaa ;)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

'Ladies Coach'

I was down with flu and fever when I woke up this morning. I went to work as usual and when I reached office I was too sick to work. I decided to go back home by train and get some rest. Of course to get my MC too....

On my way back from Mid Valley to KL Central Station, I was turned into a sardine by the crowd of people rushing to work. It was so uncomfortable!! Before I entered the coach, I was pushed and squashed between a lady and a man. Oww.... how I felt like using my superpower to blow them all away from me. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use superpowers on innocent public. Oh well, there I was cursing in my heart and wishing I reached KL Central as soon as possible.

Upon reaching KL Central I was glad to hear the announcement that KTM has introduced the Ladies Coach since 27th April 2010. Not to forget its theme 'Ladies Only At All Times'. The Ladies Coach was introduced based on statistic that shows almost 60% passengers that uses KTM service are ladies. Bravo..... the ladies are moving towards reducing global warming.

KTM is the first public transport provider to introduce this concept. The Ladies Coach service for the moment is only available for passengers travelling to and from Sentul - Port Klang route. How do you identify the Ladies Coach?? The Ladies Coach is the middle coach. There is a special sticker at the door of the coach bearing the Ladies Coach sign. At the stations there are banners and signs showing the Ladies Coach waiting area.

Thanks to KTM Berhad, the ladies can travel comfortably without worrying about being a sardine or being crushed (touched) by our male friends. My journey from KL Central to Klang was superb that I slept off almost missing my destination. Perhaps KTM should implement this concept for all its services/routes.

P.S: KTM Berhad means Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad. Public railway transport.