6 Man And A Banana Peel

On the 8th day of Navarathiri, Amma and I went to temple for Sarasvathi Poojai prayers. After the prayers the temple committee usually organises a 'talk session' about Hinduism and culture. This time Mr.Vendargon who speaks for Astro's Viluthugal Programme was invited.

He talked about the 6 ways towards a successful life and gave many examples, some were hilarious but the truth about our community. Here I am just posting one part of his speech which I find very interesting. 6 Man And A Banana Peel. I altered it abit because I could not remember the exact words he spoke. But the gist of the story is there.

A man ate a banana and threw its skin on the street. The second man walking on the street, didn't notice the banana peel. He stepped on it carelessly, slipped and fell on the ground. He cried out in pain and left the place.

The third man also carelessly stepped on the banana peel, slipped and fell. He cried out in pain . He did not pick the banana peel but left it there. He wanted the next person who slips and falls feel the pain that he felt.

The fourth man walking on the street noticed the banana peel. He scolded the person who threw it on to the ground. He then left.

The fifth man walking on the street saw the banana peel. He stopped and wondered who threw it on the ground and why they threw it on the ground and not into the dustbin. He complained to a few passerby that some irresponsible man threw a banana peel on the ground and advised that it should be thrown into the dustbin or someone might slip on it and fall. He then left.

The sixth man walking on the street saw the banana peel on the street and picked it up. Without saying anything he threw it into the dustbin. He didn't want anyone to slip and fall. He then left.

Most people are like the first, second, third, fourth and fifth man, and very few are like the sixth man. Considerate.

Being considerate of others will take your children further in life than any college degree - Marian Wright Edelman.


  1. Actually, the truth is almost 99% of persons in the world are consisting of the "5 Men". Always complains but didn't take any action to rectify it, me included......

  2. Yup I do that too sometimes. :)


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