Tickling Hot Dry Chillies

Amma and I went to the hypermarket to buy some groceries the other day. I was complaining all the way that Appa's car is too long, difficult to park and 'drinks' too much of oil for a short distance. Amma was just listening. When we reached the hypermarket, luckily the parking lots were free. It's a working day that's why.

This is where we buy our spices and veggies sometimes. We do get it at the market but since we're buying other household items as well so we buy it here one shot. As we were picking the onions, the stocker (the guy who stocks items in a grocery store etc.) was untying a sack of red hot dry chillies. Amma quickly said "Lets go the other side, I'll start coughing if I stand here!".

Just then the stocker poured the dry chilies into the basket and everyone started coughing and sneezing. 'Ahhhchhooos' at every corner of the veggy & fruit section. It lasted for about 10 minutes. Wow! I didn't know that dry chillies were so powerful until it can irritate a human's nose and throat so badly.

Once a senior of mine in campus told me that it's bad to hold your sneeze. "Sneezing is the good that gets the ill out," she said. Well than its a good thing the stocker helped those people to get the 'ill' out of their nose.

But I remember reading an article on the net that said a single sneeze can produce 40,000 aerosolized droplets containing a hefty amount of infectious organisms. And now I'm inhaling all those infectious organisms, arrggghhh ...... it's time to cabut (get out) from here.