Nothing is Impossible

Here's one of my creations....

Vaishnavee was so upset and confused. Only two days left for the competition. She hasn't completed her designs. Bundles of cloth materials of all kinds were lying everywhere on the floor. Mannequins with unfinished Salwar Kameez tops and bottoms made her even more upset. She was now on the verge to give up her dreams of becoming one of the top designers of Indian costumes.

The image of herself holding the most prestigious award slowly vanished into dark black clouds. Vaishnavee rose from the couch. She looked at herself in the mirror.

"Am I going to look like this forever? So upset like I lost my life. Never!!"

She ran to the washroom sink and washed her face. The coolness of the water made her feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Then looking back into the mirror she saw the image of herself as the worlds top designer. Her designs were sold all troughout the world.

To be what she always wanted to be she has to throw all her negative thoughts and habits. With determination Vaishnavee worked hard to complete her designs to be presented at the most awaited Fashion Show Finale. She has made it to this point and now nothing is going to stop her.

Finally the day of the competition arrived. Walking down the runaway were models presenting Vaishnavee's Designs. The crowds cheered and the judges looked intently at the pieces and jot down the marks. The image of herself as the top designer appeared again only this time it was on the headlines and fashion magazines.

"If you believe it's too difficult, it will be.
But if you believe it is possible, it will be.
And if you want it to be, you need to believe."