Thanks to the sun...

I have not posted anything in my blog for a long time. The book review for Haruki Murakami's Birthday Stories is still unfinished because I'm still reading the book and maybe I'll add two more book in the post.

Recently, I've been busy with work. Not busy actually but out of mood and feeling a little miserable with one of my projects. We received a letter from the client that we did not monitor the project closely and cared less about it. After reading the letter I really felt demotivated.

Having done all the coordination and being blamed for not involving in the project made me really frustrated. There were clouds and thunderstorm above my head for the past few days.

We have done all we could and my counterparts were supposed to lead the project now. But they somehow failed to do so and the client was really cheesed off with us. Our counterpart didn't want to get involved since the beginning stage, but we had no choice. We only have them, unless if the project was like just a mile away from us.

Finally we had to call all the people involved in this project to sit together and solve the problems. I was praying to the sun for it's golden rays, a rainbow and the white fluffy clouds after the meeting. I thought there would be a storm brewing during the discussion.

But all went well. The client was satisfied when we told them we would send our representative to audit our counterparts work which may look like we don't trust our counterparts.

My dear counterparts, you were supposed to defend us back there not point your finger at us. If a bad name comes for us, it is for you too, as we are one entity.

When the dark clouds and the thunder storm surrounded me, I prayed for the sun to bring me the rainbow and the white fluffy clouds soon. Now that I got the rainbow and plenty of white fluffy clouds, I have to thank the sun who dashed as soon as I called for him in his peacock vahana.

Oh and I forgot to mention this, the night before the meeting, I dreamt I was traveling in a car with my family. I passed a beautiful house filled with blossomed Sakura trees and standing there on the balcony was Tamanna Bhatia talking to someone. I waved at her though I knew she wasn't looking at me and she wouldn't recognise me. The car went on and when I turned and looked at the house again, she waved at me and said 'Hey Jayanthiii!!'. I got over excited and shouted 'hey hey she recognises me' to my brother.

The sun in the form of Tamanna Bhatia giving me signs of good omen. Hehehe... you always want to look beautiful great Lord Muruga.