A Precious Stone Cannot Be Polished Without Friction

When you face someone who pretends to be kind to you,
Someone who only care for themselves,
Someone who purposely do things to hurt you,
Someone who feels happy to hurt you,
Someone who looks down at you,
Someone who don't appreciate your help,
Someone who only thinks of pushing you down.

Don't feel sad,
Don't let your self esteem sink,
Don't be afraid of  losing their friendship,
For their friendship is not worth a single cent,
Remember, they will get a taste of their own medicine.

Show them that you don't depend on them,
Show them that you are better than them,
Show them you are independent and able to face any obstacles,
Show them that you are strong and cannot be broken by their harsh words and action,
Show them that you are better off without them.

Life is full of challenges and obstacles,
Your goal is to accomplish your dreams successfully,
Situations like this come into our lives only to shape up our self esteem,
So don't loose hope and concentrate on achieving your goal.
A precious stone cannot be polished without friction,
nor humanity perfected without trials.

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