Stuff and Nonsence

Mum always told us not to talk about others or more like gossip about others. It's never a good thing to do because when you hear others talking bad about you, "you'll be hurt", she says.

Mum also said my late grandfather (whom I never got to see) never encouraged his children to read entertainment magazines especially concerning the Tamil film and music industry.

We were brought up the same way too. Mum never encouraged us to read entertainment magazines. "The news aren't true, they make it up to sell their products" she says.

I was different though. Being with a circle of friends whom constantly talked about the entertainmant world (western), I did not want to loose out. Friends of mine had Astro, which at that time was newly introduced and not many had it. They would chat about the latest music video on MTV and of course the gossips.

I had my way to catch up with the entertainment world. Newspaper's entertainment section and the radio. Though I didn't get as much information on the latest hits and gossips, I still had something to cling on with the gang.

I stopped this nonsence right after my schooling days. I realised it wasn't worth plus I would feel sad whenever there is some bad news about my idol. Mum was right, I would imagine how that person would feel when they see those unscrupulous articles.

Read through singer  Chinmayi's blog post the other day. She commented on one of the entertainment magazines back in India that published news of her shifting to some other place. The funny thing was she got to know of her 'shifting news' after she read the magazine. Kwaa kwaa kwaa....

I'd rather hear news from the actor or singer themselves. Kudos to Chinmayi for creating her own blog.