We Are So Called The Evil Ones

We are so called the evil ones. We have done so much of good deeds. But still regarded as the evil ones. They say we have evil thoughts and we speak bad things. I say they can't see or accept the truth. The blame is always on us. We speak the truth, for we are not blind and even if anyone sees it, they would clearly see the truth.

We are so called the evil ones, and even when they need help, they would rely on us. I say they could see the truth but can't accept it. We were called reluctant when we refused to receive their arrival.

Our good hearts though could not accept their judgement, but still went for the feast. During the feast they ignored us. They talked as if we were invisible to their eyes. They boasted, proud of themselves. The empty tin always makes noise, the full ones are always silent.

We are so called evil for speaking the truth, but we will not stop speaking the truth. 


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