Imitation Of Life

Have you heard of this quote imitation is the highest form of compliment. It is nice to imitate someone like Bill Gates or Dr.Abdul Kalam and have their qualities and abilities. But to the young generations, they don't only see Bill Gates and Dr.Abdul Kalam. They watch and learn more from us. We as parents, siblings, teacher, friends, public etc. through our actions and character pose an example to them.

For instance, you spend $300 at the bar and another $50 you tip the bar tender. But when the grass cutter charges you just $15 to mow your lawn you complain it's too expensive. Think for yourself. It is unfair for you to complain that the grass cutter is charging you high. If you could tip the bar tender $50 then how come you can't pay the grass cutter $15 . Your children are watching your unreasonable mentality and in future this is how they will be, biased.

How about this situation. You queue up to get into the train. But you are standing far behind and have less chance to get into the train due to massive crowd. When the train arrives you just jump the queue and push your way into the train ignoring the person standing first in line for hours. Once one person start doing this then everyone follows it. This is how our future generation is going to be, without tolerance.

There are many small mistakes we make that we don't realize. Or perhaps we realize it but we do not want to correct it because of pride and ego. But let us think of it again, do you want your children to imitate your bad examples. And does that compliment you?
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