The Case of The Missing Files (Continued)

Chapter 4: Two Clues


Feeling embarrassed and angry, Jayne Cody left McTwiggies's office and went straight back home. Jayne was feeling very down over the incident. She sat down at her couch and thought hard about what happened this morning. Why would Cloe, her best friend would want to play such a terrible prank on her? Jayne felt miserable and she went to bed early. "I'll feel better when I wake up in the morning" Jayne told herself.

The next morning, Jayne woke up early. As she went down to have breakfast, the door bell rang. Someone was outside the door. Jayne quickly went to the door and open to see who it was. It was the mail man.

"Good Morning Miss Jayne, I have your mails and today's newspaper." Jayne thanked the mail man and took her mails and newspaper. When she looked at the front headline on the newspaper, Jayne was shocked. The headline reported that McTwiggies Detective Agency has dropped the botanic park robbery case claiming that there were not enough evidence to proceed with the case. The agency also said that some of the victims had withdrawn their complaints.

"So that's the reason McTwiggies didn't want me to be involved in this case." Jayne said to herself. She immediately rang Cloe and told Cloe to meet her at Botanic's Starbucks in 15 minutes. Jayne slipped onto her overcoat, took her keys and dashed into her Myvi. In 5 minutes, Jayne reached Starbucks and parked her car. Cloe parked her car next to Jayne's. Both girls went in, took their seat and made orders.

"What's the matter Jayne? Did you meet Chief McTwiggies?" Cloe asked Jayne as she chuckled when she mentioned the detective's name. Jayne told her about the embarrassing incident at the detective's office yesterday. She also told Cloe about the shocking news on today's paper.

"I can't believe Chief McTwiggies did such a thing! I was telling you the truth. He was the one who told me that he wanted to meet you." Cloe said angrily.

"Cool down Cloe. I think Chief McTwiggies is hiding something about this case." Jayne said.

"Well I bet he must be the one involved in this robbery. We can report this to the police and he'll be in jail" Cloe said and sipped her coffee.

"Don't jump the gun Cloe. We haven't got any evidence that chief McTwiggies is involved in this robbery. Maybe he isn't. Maybe the robbers threatened him. Rest assure we must find out what's happening? But I haven't got any idea on where to start my investigation." Jayne sighed.

"I guess we can meet the chief again and talk about it. What do you think?" Cloe asked hoping for a positive answer.

" Hmmm.... I guess we could." Jayne agreed.

Jayne told Cloe to meet her at her house tomorrow morning so that they could go to the detective agency together. Cloe agreed and waved good-by to Jayne. Jayne then walked out of Starbuck towards her car. Jayne had a gut feeling that the chief was in some kind of trouble even though he acted as cool as a cucumber yesterday.

"I was too busy thinking of how embarrassed and humiliated I felt and forgot to notice anything unusual."

At a distance, Jayne saw a lady that looked very familiar. It was Anna White, Chief McTwiggies secretary. The lady was standing in front of an office and pressing on the door bell. After a few second the glass door opened and she went into the office. Jayne felt suspicious about Anna and she went closer to the office.

'Gulivers Agency' the sign read. "How interesting."Jayne thought. "What could possibly be Anna's motive to be here? Did Anna White steal the evidence and now she is selling it to another detective agency?"

Jayne was so eager to find out what was the reason for Anna's visit to Gulivers Agency. A moment later she saw Anna White walking towards the glass door. She quickly leaped into her car to avoid being noticed by Anna. But to her surprise, Anna came right in front of her car and knocked on the window screen.

"I saw from the office Jayne, you were prying on me! What do you want?" Anna asked furiously.

"I was curious about your presence at this detective agency? Why were you here in the first place? Does Chief McTwiggies knows about your visit?" Jayne queried.

"Well Jayne, you're a nasty, prying busybody. I'm not telling you anything and if you happen to mention about my visit here to the chief, I'm not bothered at all. He's a loser and I'm quitting very soon." Anna White snapped.

She walked to her car in haste. A small key fell from her handbag. Jayne quickly took the key and slipped it into her pocket. Its was Anna's office room key. When Jayne turned to start her car, a clerk from the Gulivers Agency came out waving at Jayne.

The tall, slim and polite lady asked Jayne to pass an important envelope to Anna. The lady thought that Jayne was Anna's friend. Jayne was excited. "Two clues in a row. It wouldn't hurt to find out what was in the envelope and sneak into Anna's office room later."