The Case of The Missing Files

Chapter 1: Sunday Morning Plan


It was Sunday morning, and Jayne Cody plan to spend some time at the mall to shop for some new cloths and later watch a movie. Jayne checked the clock and it was only 8.30 a.m. The mall only opens at 10 a.m. Since there is still another one and half hour to get ready for her shopping spree, Jayne thought she could just sleep a little longer. 45 minutes will be enough to get cleaned and dressed. As Jayne closed her eyes for a 'short sleep', the phone rang and shocked her. Jayne moved the comforter and rose slowly.

"Who could it be? It's Sunday morning and everyone is supposed to be in bed" Jayne mumbled. She went down stairs to answer the phone.

Jayne : Hello, good morning. Jayne here.

Caller : Hello Miss Jayne. We are calling from Breeze Bank. We would like to introduce you to our new credit card. Are you interested to listen?

Jayne : Breeze Bank?? I've never heard of such bank!

Caller : Oh I guess Miss Jayne you are still in dreamland and I could smell it till here... your mouth stinks...wakaka..

Jayne : Damn you Cloe.... what's up?

Cloe : Jayne what's your plan today? Could I meet you for a small chat...

Jayne : I'm going to the mall for some shopping at 10.00 a.m. We could meet up at Secret Recipe. What time shall we meet?

Cloe : Alright. I'll meet you at 10.

Jayne : Cloe... what's the matter?

Cloe : I'll let you know when we meet up.

Jayne : Okay...I can't continue my sleep now since my curiosity is killing me.

Cloe : Sorry Jayne. I'll meet you there. Take Care. Bye.

Jayne : See you then. Bye.

Chapter Two : New Case


At the mall Jayne met Cloe and both the girls went into Secret Recipe. They took a cozy seat next to the window. Jayne ordered her favourite Blueberry Cheesecake and coffee and Cloe took Oreo Cheesecake and coffee.

Jayne : So Cloe? Is there something interesting you want to tell me?

Cloe : Yes Jayne. I have a case for you. Yesterday I met Chief McTwiggies at my cousin Thanya's wedding reception. He told me he needs your help on a case.

Cloe was seriously discussing but Jayne's face suddenly turned red and she was trying her best to keep her mouth zipped and tears were strolling down from her eyes. Cloe got a shock looking at Jayne's reaction.

Cloe : What's the matter Jayne? Are you alright?

Jayne couldn't take it anymore and she burst out into laughter.

Cloe : Jayne what is it? =.='

Jayne : Haha.... sorry Cloe I just can't take it when I hear Chief McTwiggieses name. HAhaha!

Cloe : Jayne please be serious. But you're right about his name. It does sound funny. Hahaha...

Both the girls were laughing their heads off for at least ten minutes. After calming themselves down Cloe started the conversation back.

Cloe : Well Jayne, the chief told me lately there has been too many daylight robbery cases at the Botanic Park. These robbers are wearing mask and they threaten the public with knives. You heard about it rite.

Jayne : Yup. Just last week chief told me the victims have made their complaints and the chief's
men have filed the cases. By now I guess they would be working on the case.

Cloe : Yes they have filed the cases but yesterday morning the case files were missing from the detective agency's office. The chief and his men have thoroughly checked their office but the files are nowhere to be found. That's why the chief needs your help to solve this mystery.

Jayne : There must be someone who do not want this case to proceed. These robbers must be from a syndicate group and they may have someone from inside the agency to help them. I'm just guessing. There might be other possibilities. I'll meet up with Chief McTwiggies tomorrow morning.

Cloe : What about this evening? Tomorrow might be a little late.

Jayne : Cloe it's Sunday and it's my shopping day. You know I'm so obsessed with shopping. I can't spend time with McTwiggies today. He'll be busy baking 'Twiggies'...

Cloe : HAHAHA!!

Jayne : (Smirk) I'll meet the chief later this evening. I'll have to make an appointment with him first. Well let's see where did I put my brand new IPhone??

As Jayne was looking for her IPhone in her handbag, the couple sitting beside them thought in their heart "What a show off. Like nobody has an IPhone".

After making an appointment with Chief McTwiggies at 4.30 p.m, Jayne and Cloe left Secret Recipe. They waved good-by and parted.

Chapter 3 : Mystery Solved


Soon after Jayne finished her shopping spree, lunch and movie, she left to meet Chief McTwiggies. At the office she met Chief McTwiggies's secretary Anna White. Anna then guided her to the detective's room.

McTwiggies : Hello there Jayne.

Jayne : Hello Chief McTwiggies. I heard about the robbery in your office and the missing case files. Cloe told me this morning. I'm glad that you called me to help you find some clues on the missing file case. I take this case very seriously as the evidence you had is missing right now. Before I start investigating, I need to see your CCTV recordings and the visitor registry to check on who had visited this office yesterday and the previous day. I'm also suspecting there might be someone from inside your office who might have connection with this robbery. So I need to see some of your staff for an enquiry session.

McTwiggies : Jayne..... I appreciate your determination to help us in solving a case. I understand that you are so keen in becoming a detective or private investigator just like errr.... Nancy Drew. But...

Before the detective could finish his sentence, Jayne interrupted.

Jayne : Well chief I'm always smart, curious, ambitious and there is not enough words to describe my intelligence. Anyhow please get to the point, I need to solve this mystery immediately.

McTwiggies : Jayne....... Cloe made a joke out of you. There is no missing file case.

Jayne : Wa....wa.....what..? errr..... sorry Chief McTwiggies.. (^_^)' (embarrassed). Guess there is nothing more to say....hehe... I...I'll leave.....

Feeling extremely embarrassed, Jayne immediately stood and left the office. Outside she could hear Chief McTwiggies laughing his head off.