Why The Teacher Caned Me?

It's so weird how some people behave. I was just sitting on my sofa and thinking about my past or rather my schooling days. That day was...err couldn't remember the exact date, but I was in standard 5, year 1995. It was a Bahasa Malaysia period. We were instructed by the teacher to complete an essay on a workbook.

I was flipping the pages of my workbook to find 'that' page we were supposed to write an essay. When I reached my destination ('that' page), to my surprise I had already completed the essay because apparently I had marked extra pages for the previous homework thus I have completed 'that' page.

Then 'that' kid sitting next to me just grabbed my workbook, ran to the teacher's desk and told the teacher that I had already completed my essay earlier.

I thought the teacher wouldn't mind my careless mistake. But my bad luck, she got so mad and called me to her desk. She scolded me and took the cane and hit my palm. And 'that' kid laughed at me. My eyes were full of tears and I really felt sad.

I just couldn't understand that such a lame mistake could be a big issue for the teacher. I was caned because I did extra work? I know I didn't follow her instruction (only that once). That is NOT a reason to cane a student, unless I never followed her instruction all the time.

I still wonder till today, the teacher caned me because I did extra work? Why?