Thank God Its Friday

Jam..............jam.......jam!!!!! All the roads are congested. I'm so stressed till the max. I spend at least 3 hours on the road a day, back and forth. That means 60 hours in a month which is equal to two and a half days in a month. This is crazy... that's why I'm always waiting for Friday. The moment the clock ticks 5.00p.m on a Friday, I rush to punch my card.....and shout 'the weekends here'. Weeehhaaa!! (Oh yea.....we still use punch card system in my office.)

Weekends are like gifts for me. I'm free from work loads, stress and TRAFFIC JAM!
This weekend activities:-

  • Friday after work - Relaxxxxx , Facebooking, Blogging and of course practice my piano

  • Saturday - Outing with my Jinji Love. Movies, yummy fruity deserts at Sunway Pyramid. I found a restaurant that serves beautiful desserts and I'm craving for the past 3 weeks to try their 'yummylicious' desserts. Mmmmmmm....  I'll include the photos on my next next post

  • Sunday - Rest day and thought of sewing a dress.

  • Sunday Night - get ready for a terrible jammy week.. Hwaaa