It's Never Too Late To Learn

Today I sat for my ABRSM Grade 2 Theory Exam. Wasn't that tough, of course I practised a lot. It was my first official music exam. Only kids were sitting for these exam. I was the one and only adult there. Felt embarrassing.

I had to throw away my 'ego'. It's my dream to learn to play the Piano. Of course I wish to learn Indian classical music as well but.... guess I'll start with Piano first. Singing....maybe later.

Waiting for the practical Piano exam. I hope I can get a distinction for it. Just need to work hard on it, especially my tempo, it's horrible. The moment my instructor starts the metronome, I get so nervous and play the song I practiced 'bezzilion' times like I never seen a Piano before. I seriously need to get that nervousness out of me before the practical exam.

For those who think I'm wasting my time on music, hell you all should do what you want to do not do what others want you to do. I'm happy I finally got a chance to fulfill my dreams. It's never too late to learn anything.