It was dark and cold. Achai could hear the heavy fall of rain drops on the ground. He could smell the damp earth. A strong wind blew the wet leaves and Achai shivered. A flash of lightning made the sky bright for a second followed by a loud thunder. It sent shivers down Achai's spine.

Achai was scared of lightning and thunder. On a rainy day Achai's master would call him into the shop to stay warm and safe. He usually snuggles happily under his cozy blanket and watch through the window, waiting for the rain to stop.

Now he stood outside the shop not knowing where to hide. His master was gone for almost a day and have not return. Achai's stomach made some strange noise. He did not eat anything since morning. Achai never felt this strange noise coming from his stomach before.

Achai sat down in front of the shop now, shivering in cold, staring at the roller shutter, waiting for his master to open the shutter and call him into the shop. The rain was getting heavier. Achai curled up to warm his body. He lay there hoping for his  master to return soon.


Achai was a guard dog at his master's shop. His master moved away and left Achai in the streets. Now Achai lives on the streets with other stray dogs depending on left over food. Appa feeling pity on him will buy him fried chicken.

Poor Achai is still waiting and hoping that his owner will return one day. Achai does not know that he was left. He only knows that his master loves him and waits for his master to return for him.

Imagine you are Achai.....