Lady Marion? Robin Hood? No it's Jayne!!

Archery!! I've always wanted to try it since the UTM days but never had a chance. This time I never miss it. Me and Jinji Love were at Sunway Pyramid, one of our hang-out spots on a Saturday. We passed by the bowling alley and just beside it was the archery.... yeahhh! This is my time to try it. We paid RM 16 each per game (12 arrows).

Gosh....I was damn exhausted. That archery bow was so heavy. I had to use all my strength and energy to hold it,pull the bow string and aim before lettin go the arrow. And after a few chest was achin....hwaa... that shows I'm a real couch potato lately...

Here are some of the snapshot of me posing like Robin Hood!

"Aimin......I'm gonna hit the target"

"That's the Robin Hood Pose"

After the game we went to this restaurant I mentioned earlier to have their yummylicious desserts. Wasn't that yummylicious at just looked pretty that's all. By the way I forgot the name of the restaurant. It's somewhere in the Asian corner...


"This dessert conned me....hwaaa"