Ordinary yet special

It was just another Monday morning. I have this desease called Monday Morning Blues, feeling mundane on a Monday. All Mondays are the same. When Monday is a holiday, Tuesday Morning Blues awaits.

But today's Monday was different. I woke up feeling energetic and full of excitement, determination and whatever positive words you could use, it was all in me. When I walked on the street on the way to office, I felt like floating and 'jumping from one fluffy white cloud to another' (My definition for extreme happiness).

Gloria Jean greeted me on the way with that yummy coffee aroma. And joy was just waiting for me that morning.  My bosses were all on sick leave. It's a pity they fell sick on that Monday. Oh yes it's a joy when your bosses are not around.

Later that morning I received a call from a florist saying that someone wants to send me a bouquet and the florist didn't have the flower that they were supposed to send me and asked me which flower I would like to have in exchange. "Well, why don't you ask the person who wants to send me the bouquet?."

It was supposed to be a surprise from someone and the florist ruined it. I laughed my heart out and called Jinji Love to thank him for the 'surpriseee!!!'.

It was the time of the month to reward myself. This month was a little more special, so I presented myself with Haruki Murakami's Birthday Stories. (Book Review on my next post). After searching for the perfect gift, I was given another sweet surprise from a colleague, Satya. Chocolate Indulgence for me to indulge all afternoon in its sweet, rich coverture Belgian chocolate and creamy white chocolate filling.

That evening I received my champagne rose bouquet. Though it was just another ordinary Monday for others, for me, it was a special one. I was happy as a clam at high tide because 'on this day in the year 1984.....'

(Note: Post written on 01.11.2010,edited and  published on 12.11.2010)

The whole week was indeed a great one with birthday wishes, presents, a colourful daisy bouquet, holidays, Deepavali and a wonderful belated birthday celebration for three lovely ladies, me included.