On my way to the hospital for ENT check up last week. I was very disappointed with the way two people behaved. The customer, an Indian man with his wife and daughter (looking tired and annoyed) were at the counter asking for directions. The receptionist directed him to bring his daughter to the Emergency Department for diagnosis. The Emergency Department was quite far from the Day Care Clinic.

The man apparently got lost many times, I guess, so he was frustrated. When the receptionist directed him to another location, he was mad and started blaming the receptionist, the government, the country etc. for making his day a miserable one.

Just after the man left, the receptionist who was also frustrated with the way the man spoke to her, expressed her anger to her colleague in an impious manner. "This Indians are all stupid, bodoh.... Keling ni ....".

I was surprised to hear her speak in such a manner. If she said all Indians are stupid that means she is also stupid because she is also an Indian. She just declared publicly that she is stupid.

Both their attitude just gave a wrong impression of an Indian to the other races. If we want others to respect us (Indians), we must first learn to respect our own people.

Our respect for others, the way we communicate with one another and our manners are part of what we were thought for generations. It is one of the lessons thought in our (Indian) culture. But we have long forgotten our culture and values.

As Gandhi said "You don't have to burn books to destroy a culture. Just get people to stop reading them". We stopped that is why we have such attitude.... 

Note: I hope no one gets mad, offended or anything with this post. Am writing this not to point out at anyone. I know the two people behaved that way because of frustration and anger. I want our community to change for good. I want a better Indian community. A community that sustains the values of our culture not make em' disappear/extinct. To others (non Indians) who read my post, it goes for ya all too. Change for a better country.


  1. ya sis i agree with you. I have also came across this kind of people who tend to ridicule their own culture without thinking the consequences which is disrespect from people of different culture. Im saying this not only for Indians but for all..Hence let us appreciate and respect our very own valuable culture and religion so that we wont be underestimate by others...this goes for all! ^_^


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