The Picasso In Me

What to do when you are extremely bored during the weekends? I feel so lazy to go out of the house because I spend the whole week traveling up and down to work. So I just hate to go out of the house, unless I need to buy something.

Love to read something, but I just bought my storybook last Wednesday and finished it on Thursday. Hehe, that's just me. I can't wait to know the ending. Doesn't matter if it's 500 pages, I still want to know the ending ASAP. ^_^'

So I end up doing some nonsense. art work. You know, I have a bit of Picasso in me.... tsk...tsk...

Those are green chilies. Huge ones from our own farm.... :). Let me get the stool and snap a photo from top.

There you go, JAYNE made out of green chilies, fresh from the farm. That's what happens when you've got nothing else to do. You bring out the Picasso in you. ^_^


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