Fried Doughnut

Sunday is the best time to spend your time for yourself and with the family. So this Sunday I made some doughnut for tea time. Infact, we had the most heaviest meal today. Chapatti and Dal curry for breakfast, fish sambal and vegetables for lunch and now doughnuts for tea!

I'm bloating side ways soon. :) Kidding... of course I did my G.I Jane workout to burn back all the calories. Tough workout you know, I can still feel my abs muscle aching. oouucchh...

Back to the doughnuts, it was that sweet, buttery and salty kind of taste. Puffy too. Hope you can imagine that yummylicous taste. If you can't.... here are the pictures.

The dough are being prepared.

Aren't they cute ^_^

Fried doughtnuts


And they are ready to eat....

I used simple ingredients. All purpose flour, sugar, butter, yeast, salt, egg and milk powder. Mum's recipe. Always the best. I guess mum's home science teacher was the best. Wish I had that kind of teacher when I was in school.