Anuradhapura Part 2

I guess this was Ruwanveli Stupa...I can't really remember the names.

This was in front of the stupa. I was busy snapping photos and wasn't listening to my tour guide.

A clearer picture of the Stupa.

Ratna Prada guard stone.

This looks like the missing part I saw earlier.

Wow beautiful staircase...wish I had one of those at home ^_^.

Moonstone at the entrance of the staircase.

The market street.

As you go closer, you can see Lord Budha.

A closer look.

Jetavana Stupa built during 276 - 303 AD

Nagaraja Carving

Not so sure.... ^.^'

I was at the Mahameghavana Park during the Poson Festival. I saw the Bodhi Tree, the sacred tree  brought from Budha Gaya, India to Anuradhapura by Emperor Ashoka's daughter Sangamitta and planted by King Devanampiyatissa. The Bodhi tree was where Lord Budha attained enlightenment

Unfortunately, it was almost 8p.m and though I was just beside the Bodhi tree I couldn't snap the most important camera was dead. And so my tour around the ancient city of Anuradhapura ended and I was back to the hotel feeling disappointed with my camera. At least my eyes saw it.

So that's it from the worst photographer on earth. ^_^