I've Got Your Number - Sophie Kinsella

I think it's hilarious, a little romantic. But the main thing is...it's funny. Especially the Mr.Yashimoto scene. I mean.... if you can really imagine while you're reading the lines. You will laugh your heart out.

You won't want to stop the moment you start reading the book. It's great. I finished the book in 2 days.Thanks Sophie, especially the footnote ^_^.

It's about Poppy Wyatt, a physiotherapist, who got engaged with a guy called Magnus. She lost her engagement ring and that's when everything else starts. Desperately looking for her ring, she loses her phone and finds another phone in a bin. A phone that belongs to some one else, a business man. And when Poppy gets involved in this guy's personal things, she finds out a lot of things. Also about Magnus, her soon to be husband. So will she find her ring? Will she marry Magnus? Find out.

The book is priced at RM69.90. Good news!! At MPH Mid Valley, there is a 25% discount (MPH Member's Privilege. Ends 31.03.2012), so it's RM52.42. Lucky me.... I got my MPH Voucher (RM 15) and so I bought it for RM 37.42. I love myselff...hehehe ^_^.

P.S. Suddenly, physiotherapist job sounds cool.


  1. Tell me the whole story later!!!! Prefer to listen rather than reading...hehehehe

  2. hehe.i can borrow you the book.it's funnier if you read it. neway will tell you the stories later.... ^_^


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