Broga Hill

In April 2010, I went hiking on Broga Hill. I just saw this photos hidden somewhere in my PC. It was drizzling on that day. The ground was wet, soaky and muddy. I was doubtful whether I could reach the top.

Plus it was slippery and I was afraid I would slip and fall. Anyway the rest of my friends decided that we should climb since we came all the way to Semenyih and if we turn back, it will be a waste then.

So with great difficulty, I managed to climb and reach to the top. Half way to the top I was already soaked, so it was hard to climb up with my clothes all wet and soaky. But I'm glad I did climb till the top because you wouldn't want to miss such a beautiful scenery. ^_^

Thats me. Wet and soaky....

Going back down was more scary. It was so steep. Now my legs start trembling.
But it's worth it!