Don’t Listen To Them

I bought a gift for myself yesterday. A book (as usual... love books so much). Life’s Missing Instructional Manual by Joe Vitale. Just walked around looking at books in MPH Mid Valley and I found this book. Started reading a few pages of the book and I really liked it. Actually not a few pages, I read like 20 pages. Finally I decided to present it to myself.

It’s a self help book. Everything about life lessons written short and simple. You can’t stop your thoughts but you don’t have to listen to them, either. So true. And why it took me this long to realise it. Every time you hear all those negative thoughts, it makes you feel bad. Makes you feel like you’re a loser. Stops you from doing things that you really want to do. Makes you avoid responsibilities because of fear. Fear of losing or being laughed at.
But what if you just ignore those negative thoughts. You don’t know what will happen the next second. So push those negative thoughts away. Yes, push it away!! Be positive and face whatever comes next. As simple as that. Don’t let negative thoughts overrule you.

After all, you decide what you want right! Not your thoughts. So grab hold of these words and remember it for the rest of your life.

“You can’t stop your thoughts but you don’t have to listen to them, either.”


  1. It's my first time at your blog, Jayne. :-)
    Like what you've written here very much.

  2. Thanks 'Anonymous'. Appreciate you comment. :)


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