Colombo, Sri Lanka

I love Sri Lanka the first time I set my foot there. Actually I felt like I didn't want to come back home. I am really missing Sri Lanka. Love the food, the culture, beautiful cascading waterfalls, spicy yummy food, the cute autos, the way they tie their Saree, the tea estates, the ancient kingdoms, the temples... loved everything about Sri Lanka except the part where they think I'm from Jafna. "err....I'm from Malaysia," I said that all the way till I boarded the flight back home.

They speak beautiful Tamil, way better than how we speak here (Or is it way better, much much better than how I speak..hehe). I loved listening to their news in Tamil. Of course the majority are Sinhalese population here. I loved listening to them speaking Sinhalese and I learned two words. 'Ayu Bowan' is greetings and 'pochi' is small (Hope I spelled it correctly).  If I stayed there longer I would have mastered the language. One week is just not enough...tsk tsk... ;). Two words in one week...that's really bad!!

The last day of our trip, we went jalan-jalan around Colombo town. It's hot here in Colombo but not burning hot like Malaysia. Most of the shops here closes early, at about 8pm. So we had to rush when we were shopping. They close early because they open their shops early. Yes it's so bright here at 6am. People wake up early here, just like in Sabah. No wonder everyone here looks healthy, they wake up early and sleep early.

Six days, seven nights in Sri Lanka, I hardly saw anyone smoking. Liquor was not allowed in one of the hotels we stayed during the Poson festival. Wow so disciplined. I was embarrassed when our guide asked us "are most of the Malaysians FAT?"

FAT!!! embarrassing. I started looking around to spot fat people in Sri Lanka but to my surprise, fat people in Sri Lanka maybe 1 in 20 ratio. Then I compared with Malaysia and fat people were like 1 in 5 ratio. I know Malaysians love to eat even at odd hours, but you can't call us FAT!! Eating is our national sports you know... (kidding). Maybe we need more exercise and cut down our visits to 24 hours restaurant. Reduce eating 'the very yummy Nasi Lemak' and the 'mmmmm... roti canai'. heheheee.

Oww....I've been writing too much and almost forgot to upload the photos. Here are some photos of Colombo city.

I like this painting in our room.

A tour around Colombo City.

 I actually wanted to snap a picture of the Stupa. The ad was blocking my view...

Most of the colonial buildings are now banks and offices.

Another bank. See there it's written Indian Bank in Tamil... 'Inthiyan Wanggi'.

A replica of white house.

A beautiful Mosque.

Our guide said that this was a replica of Sydney Opera House and it's still under construction.

The handsome macho cricket player of Sri Lanka posing for the Embark ad. I loved the words written in the ad 'Cricket is my Life, but this is my passion' and 'Be a 'Pashionable Person' and adopt a homeless dog. They will be loyal to you throughout their lives'.

A very beautiful Buddha statue.

We had dinner at Raja Bojun. I miss their crab curry ..... mmmmmm

After the tour, we went shopping for clothes at Odle and Pallu. Later we went to the souvenir shops and walked around the streets of Sri Lanka looking for masee karuvade and red bananas. It was tyring but I still wasn't satisfied. I wanted to shop more.... hehe. Love the Sarees and Punjabi Suits collections in Pallu. We shopped till we dropped and filled our stomachs at Raja Bojun. Also we went for Chinese food in Colombo. Can't get the Malaysian thing out of us..haha!!