Rich Dad Poor Dad - Robert T.Kiyosaki

Recently I have been reading a book about money. It's called Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki. I've been looking for this book before this in bookstores but I failed to get a copy of it. 

Three days ago, I was looking around my mini  library at home and to my surprise, I found Rich Dad Poor Dad. Someone at home has been read this book years ago. I am late. Well, I think anyone should get a copy and read this because:

1. I thought that all this while I was rich, but actually I'm very poor!! -.-'

2. It's something you should read and pass the knowledge down to your children, grand children and your great grand children.

3. I learned the difference between asset and liability. I realised my home was in the liability category. Assets puts money in your pocket. Now I'm really worried and regret I didn't read this book earlier.

4. This book teaches you a lot about how to manage your money that you will never learn in school.

5. And the most important thing is, we have to make money work for us instead of working for money. But of course you must first understand clearly how to do it. Not just invest in everything without knowing what it is.

6. I realised all this while I have been working for my employer and my bank (my bank!!!!)without realising it.

I'm still reading this book and the truth hurts and I just want to get out of this 'Rat Race' ASAP!!!


  1. Never read this book eventhough it's a very famous book.


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