Can You Keep A Secret - Sophie Kinsella

Another masterpiece from Sophie Kinsella. After I read her 'I've Got Your Number', I thought I should just get all her books. It will be a collection. She's just write my kind of books. Hillarious...that's what I want.

So back to this book I recently bought, it's again really hilarious and once you start reading the first page, you never want to stop for a break. You will want to read it till the last page. It's addictive!!!

This book is about Emma Corrigan, who spills her deepest secrets, secrets that you wont want to share with just about anyone on earth, even your dog but she accidentally told all this secret to a man she travelled with on a plane, because she thought the plane was going to crash. It turns out that the man is her company CEO and so...the adventure starts when Emma went to work the next Monday.

It's a must read storybook because when I read each line I can feel how Emma Corrigan felt when her secrets were revealed on national television. That embarrassing humiliating feeling. So go get yours if you haven't read it!! It's worth it.... ^_^.