I Feel Like Poking The Peeking Eye!

I am really annoyed. I kind of saw someone peeking through that slight opening in my cubicle's partition! And that person just pretended to walk around when that person saw me looking at that person....peeking!!

Don't that person knows something called M-A-N-N-E-R-S. Why do you have to hide and peek to see what I was doing? Why don't just come in front of me and ask me what I am doing. Like I won't tell you or like you can't see what I'm doing if you're standing in front of me.

I feel like puking. That's so disgusting!!!! What a horrible attitude for some one of that age (someone elder than me) or someone with a higher ranking to do such a..... horrid thing!! Ewwww...... I hate when people peek at me...or stand behind my cubicle and silently watch me. Like.... you know, a serial killer watching when to strike his victim.

It's uncomfortable and scary. I think I'm going to sellotape that opening. So that this horrible people won't peek at me ANYMORE!!! Annnndddd I feel like poking the peeking eye!



  1. Haha.. Your very own customized stalker... How cool is that!! ??? JK...

  2. Chitty Boy and Me: Yess....a stalker caught red handed....n the stalker try to pretend like nothing happened...I feel like laughing loud....

  3. Janak A Jain: customized? haha.....


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