Rain ~ from my journal

The last two months, it was raining all day long. The road was sloppy and wet. The nights were cold and even the days were cold. Whenever the sun comes around people would quickly wash their clothes and hang them to dry.

But the sun was not there for long. As if he just came to glimpse and say hello, he would leave then. It was difficult when the clothes were damp and people had  to dry it using the fan. Some days, people had trouble because they couldn't wash clothes at all. It rained all day.

At night, if it rains, it is cold. People tend to find something to warm their body. Maybe a hot cup of chocolate. Children enjoys if it rains at night. They like it very much. They snuggle into their cozy bed and have a warm good night sleep.

But for the adults, they don't like the rain pouring down everyday. There were flash floods everywhere. Some people living in the low land had to move to shelter. Even the cities are flooded sometimes.The earth is soggy and landslides occur. Even crops suffer because there was too much water.

When it rains in the morning, it is difficult for people to wake up and leave to work. The coziness they feel makes them want to sleep more. People don't want to get stuck in the traffic when it rains in the morning.

Probably, it would snow instead of rain here. Maybe in another 50 years. Maybe at that time, people won't be sleeping in their cozy beds. They would be outside, throwing snowballs at each other.