Home Made Nellikai Pickle

Sweet, sour, spicy and a little salty. That is my Nellikai (Indian Gooseberry) Pickle. I just did it this evening after coming back from work. When I was cooking the gravy, the whole house smelt of pickle. 

Now it's done and the Nellikai is soaked in the gravy. Should be in the jar for a week and then I'll get to taste my Nellikai Pickle.

My first attempt to make pickle. Of course my mum was standing beside me and supervising. ^_^. Now that it's soaking in the sweet sourish spicy salty gravy, I hope it comes out well after seven days. So Mr.Mold....please don't taste my pickle before I do. Pleaseeee.....

I made sure I dried the ingredients well. No room for moisture!! And I even washed and dried the pickle jar. I wiped it like 5 times. So Mr. Mold....please don't disappoint me. Can't wait to taste my Nellikai Pickle.


  1. Congrats.....and hope that u will try other indian traditional receipe as well.

  2. Thanks anonymous. Will try more Indian recipes and post it. ^_^


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