Not A Friend At All

" A teenage girl assaulted her friend with a helmet before ordering two men to rape the victim while she watched in a forest near a highway....." ~ read today's Star Paper.

I can't believe it!! How could a 14 year old have such a disgusting idea to take revenge on her friend. What kind of friend is she? Such a horrid thing to read in the paper. What is happening to our youngsters these days.

Her motive is believed to be jealousy ....... because her boyfriend had been flirting with the victim. Oh come on, dump that guy and get someone else. Not order men to rape your friend. And now you will soon end up in jail.

If this 14 year old kid could do such a thing, image how kids will be thinking in future. What happen to all our religious teaching, moral teachings or whatever good ethics they are teaching at home and school. Why are people behaving to savagely these days. Especially a young girl in this case.

Ruining other people's life doesn't make u feel better. But it makes things worse. We gain nothing from it, so no point of revenge if you are going to live life feeling guilty at the end.

Guess we have to be really careful when choosing friends and trusting someone. Also think before you act!