Christmas @ MidValley

Some photos of Christmas decoration at MidValley. Photographs by Satya. I feel like I'm in Wonderland. It feels like Christmas already.... I want my fruitcake...^_^

 I thought I saw a bunny hiding under the bushes...

 Where shall I hang my socks?
 I want present from Body Shop!!!

 In the spirit of Christmas, so both of us are wearing red and green. Ho Ho Ho!!

 While I find my way out of this garden maze, I shall pick some berries.

Presents for them...what about me!!

Good huh. Thanks to our photographer Satya. Makes u feel like want to come here rite. So what are you waiting for come shop at MidValley and snap some photos. 


  1. Wow everything looks so nice. Have a fun-filled Christmas! =)

  2. Wish u Happy Christmas and Happy Holidays too ^_^


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