'Ladies Coach'

I was down with flu and fever when I woke up this morning. I went to work as usual and when I reached office I was too sick to work. I decided to go back home by train and get some rest. Of course to get my MC too....

On my way back from Mid Valley to KL Central Station, I was turned into a sardine by the crowd of people rushing to work. It was so uncomfortable!! Before I entered the coach, I was pushed and squashed between a lady and a man. Oww.... how I felt like using my superpower to blow them all away from me. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use superpowers on innocent public. Oh well, there I was cursing in my heart and wishing I reached KL Central as soon as possible.

Upon reaching KL Central I was glad to hear the announcement that KTM has introduced the Ladies Coach since 27th April 2010. Not to forget its theme 'Ladies Only At All Times'. The Ladies Coach was introduced based on statistic that shows almost 60% passengers that uses KTM service are ladies. Bravo..... the ladies are moving towards reducing global warming.

KTM is the first public transport provider to introduce this concept. The Ladies Coach service for the moment is only available for passengers travelling to and from Sentul - Port Klang route. How do you identify the Ladies Coach?? The Ladies Coach is the middle coach. There is a special sticker at the door of the coach bearing the Ladies Coach sign. At the stations there are banners and signs showing the Ladies Coach waiting area.

Thanks to KTM Berhad, the ladies can travel comfortably without worrying about being a sardine or being crushed (touched) by our male friends. My journey from KL Central to Klang was superb that I slept off almost missing my destination. Perhaps KTM should implement this concept for all its services/routes.

P.S: KTM Berhad means Keretapi Tanah Melayu Berhad. Public railway transport.