Shine Like A Diamond

I'm truly blessed to be here and with all these people. Since the day I came in, I've been welcomed and treated so well. I watched them closely how they handle situations, calm and patient.

It's as if I am in some wonderland where everyone is so full of positive energy and the will to achieve anything. I remember one of them said, Don't be afraid, some how you are in the position to solve it, so face it bravely, one day you'll be happy u achieved it, even if you're no longer here. There is so much of teamwork here, which I've not seen before.

They are all some how shaped into being this way. Amazing. I changed and I feel like them too.

But then, I suddenly fell so deep down into a black hole and I shattered. I feel like a broken glass. I couldn't get up, and it's been days. Where has all that sunshine in me gone.

Then sunshine said, you're a diamond, so shine like a diamond....dear Jayne.