How come it feels very quiet and lonely. Guess I'm missing my Boss alot. Hehehe...😀

Every morning before I enter my work space the phone will be ringing and I can guess who's calling. Definitely it's boss. Before I could pick the phone, my brain would recall every issue that happened the day before like a bullet train. All info will be lined up before the word 'hello' comes out of my mouth.

Now, as I enter my work space, it's just silence. Like everything is empty and cold. 😔

Feels like I'm left without any guidance. Heavy and dark clouds surrounding me. Like it's raining over my head all the time. I'm wet and soggy without an umbrella.

I feel like crying all day and night but my face doesn't know how to show sadness and it's always smilling though the heart is extremely down. Clown face 🎭!!!

Life's like that I guess, but I really appreciate all the help Boss has given all this while. Can't repay back what Boss has done for me.

Dear God, you know what I wished for, and I hope you will grant my wish. I've been a good girl all through the year. So pretty please.... 🙇