Plan B

I had to attend a meeting on the 30th last month at my headquarters. I woke up early and left early to the train station. The journey was going on well until just a few stations away from my office, the train stopped.

I thought, all is well and it will move in a few seconds. But unfortunately, the train wasn't moving. Oh god, now I'm going to be late for the meeting. Sat there and started praying the train will move soon.

Then ... the phone rang. It was my boss calling. Great!!

Boss : where are you?
Me : In the train, i'm afraid I will be a little late. The train is not moving, I'm stuck. 😅
Boss : What!! You know you should come early, especially if we have meetings with BIG bosses...Jayne...
Me : Sorry boss, I left early but unfortunately, this happened...
Boss : Well, you should have a Plan B..

And he hung up the phone.

Well, I was still sitting and hoping the train would move and counting the seconds...and then I just thought about the conversation I just had a moment ago..

What would Plan B be? Hmmm.... first option: press the emergency button and jump out of the train. But then, I would be fined for that.

Second option : Go to the driver's cabin and tell the driver that I'm late for a meeting and I shall take over his place and drive the train... 🤔

That sounds crazy.... but what would Plan B be.... I still wonder until today what would it be...