New Kitchen On The Way

After months of suffering from eating stall food and restaurant food and sometimes starving simply because I'm lazy to eat outside, finally I have ordered my very own stove, fridge and rice cooker. Haaaaaa...I feel relieved. No more outside food. But then again, maybe once in a while, if I'm bored of cooking my own food.

It's time to start cooking, yehaaa. Surfing the net for recipes-for-two. Please suggest me some websites or blogs friends. I even bought easy-Thai recipe cookbook during my vacation in Krabi. Yes I went for vacation and that will be in my next post.

Can't wait to tryout the Thai dishes. I'm extremely excited and can't wait for my kitchen appliances to arrive tomorrow. Nothing like cooking your own meal, and the best part of cooking is the experiments with sugar, spice and everything nice. ^_^

Hahaha......yahooo.By the way...when will tomorrow arrive....?


  1. Yeah, good for you!!!! Good luck in trying new dishes as i know that u're a good cook. Sms me when you're free, looking forward to hear from u!!!!!

    1. Thank you. Ok will call you in the evening.


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