Krabi Day One

We arrived at Krabi airport at 3.30pm. Stayed at Anantha Burin Resort at Ao Nang. We bought it from Groupon and the deal was around RM529 for 5 days and 4 nights.

I was satisfied with the hotel service and also the room. It was clean and looked cozy. There were no plans for the first day, It was already 4.00pm by the time we reached the hotel. So we planned to look around for some travel agents for Day Two Trip.

We bought Island Hopping package at the hotel itself. The fee was Rm220 for both of us. after coming out of the hotel, there were a few travel agents along the street where our hotel was. The Island Hoping package was cheaper. Hmm......I thought we were cheated and decided to wait and see how the service will be tomorrow.

Lots of tuk-tuk around this area.....but I prefer my leg... ^_^

It was about time to eat something. I love Thai Food. So next activity was to walk along the streets of Ao Nang and enjoy the breeze and the local food. The first food we tried was some mango salad. I didn't know what it was called but it was super delicious. Just Rm3. There were mango, peanuts, dried prawns, chili and other things in the salad which I couldn't identify. I think I'll call it sweet-sour and spicy mango salad. ;)

I just carved my blog add on this tree..... ^_^

We also had different types of sausages mixed with some gravy, which I again don't know what its called. I had a hard time understanding what they were saying even when they spoke in English. But anyway, I don't bother, I just ate and ate and ate.... ^_^

Even dinner was fantastic. We had steam fish with garlic (red snapper... hehee....yummy) and some vegie. Meal will not be complete without vegies. So Krabi Day One Activity was mainly about eating and walking around Ao Nang. There lots of restaurants, bars, cafes and hotels around this area. It's a town made just for tourists.

The best.......sllluuuurrrrpppsss

One word of advise : No buying souvenirs here. Just enjoy the food and activities. It's extremely expensive and by the way you could get most of those things in Pagoda, Penang....haha. If you want to buy some souvenirs just buy the dried food stuffs. It's more worth it.


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