Nasi Goreng Kampung

I kind of miss eating nasi goreng kampung from the Mid Valley food court. And also the bubble tea at Come Buy. Maybe tonight I will go hunting for bubble tea in kulim. I wonder what makes a nasi goreng kampung taste so delicious? I guess it must be the anchovies. Everything tastes good when there is anchovies.

Today is a Friday and it's a weekend at my place. So I'm very free today. Checking out facebook and twitter even though there is nothing much on it. Everyone must be busy at work so no status updates and I'm too lazy to update my status. Because my current status is lazying around and checking out on others through FB.

By the way, why is Friday a weekend here? And Sunday is a working day. Sundays are supposed to be sleeping day. A day just to roll on the bed lazily till 12.00 noon. I hate working on Sunday. Hwwwaaaaa........

Anyway, it's Friday and I'm starving, so since I miss eating Nasing Goreng Kampung from Mid Valley food court, I tried making my own Nasi Goreng Kampung. Taste good but wasn't like the one in Mid Valley. Hmmmm....whats the secret ingredient...


  1. We're so boring eating nasi goreng kampung here!!!!!!!


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