Chilled Cinnamon Orange Sweet Tea

I have been too addicted to Food Network Asia on Astro for the past 3 weeks. I'm like glued to the television until the extent that I only watch Food Network Asia (ch 706) everytime I switch on the television.

No movies, no series....just Food Network Asia. And that is why I need to take a break and give my eyes some rest. So I thought I should stop watching the cooking channel and start cooking!!

Since it was tea time, I thought it was just nice to try Aarti Sequeira's Kuwaity Iced Tea. The thing is I didn't have all the ingredients that was required for this recipe. So I decided to modify it and see how it would taste. Well it wasn't a major modification. I just replaced the syrup (mint, ginger and sugar) with honey and sugar.

You can get Aarti Sequeira's Kuwaity Iced Tea recipe at the Food Network website. Oh ... another thing is, I did not use ice. I just left the tea in the fridge to chill it. So my version is called Chilled Cinnamon-Orange Sweet Tea.

I boiled a small pot of water with cinnamon and orange slices. Once it starts boiling, I switched off the gas and put in the tea bags for a few minutes. When the tea is ready, I mixed some honey and sugar and kept it in the fridge to chill it.

Loved the aroma of cinnamon and orange....and of course the taste of my chilled cinnamon-orange sweet tea. So refreshing for a hot sunny day. Here are some pictures of my tea :D