I'm Still Alive

Yup...I'm still around, not dead. But just haven't updated my blog for this year. Have not published a single post for 2012. That is terrible, what have I been doing!! It's almost one and a half month.

I've been kidnapped...by time. Yup. Been busy with an event last month. But I've worked on something to put on my blog. It's on it's way, of course I can't post it today because the server is damn slow. I am realy getting annoyed with this server. Takes a few minutes just to get this paragraph 'justified'! I think I'm gonna kill this server.....if only I could.

Well, I got engaged last month so I was kind of busy preparing for the event. By the way, about the upcoming posts, I tried two recipies which I'll be posting soon, and with picture. Yeay....pictures are better. Though you can't taste it, you could still see how yummy it is.

The first one is my own Chicken Briyani and the second is Aarti Sequeira's Kuwaity Iced Tea with some modification. :D.... So that will be on. I'm also in progress of stitching my own blouse.....hope it turns out well.

Okay that's it for now. Even the turtle could type faster than me if I continue typing with this irritating server speed. Chao.....