The Picasso In Me 2 - The Happy Bonteka

And again, I have successfully revealed the Picasso in Me. Now that is what you call a very happy Bonteka. All the way imported from some place around Ampang, Ipoh and beautifully decorated, I'd like to introduce my new piece of art.... the happy bonteka :), tadaaaaa......

Yup, there is a place called Ampang in Ipoh, and it's very peaceful compared to the Ampang near Kuala Lumpur. Hehehe...!!! And this Ampang is where you get lots of bonteka... 

In case you are wondering what bonteka is.... it's a fruit called Pomelo....Limau Bali. Scientific name... citrus maxima.... (I googled). 

Adorable, cute and really tasty..... and... errrmmm I'm craving for it again.... so I better end my post here.

Thank you, Good Night. =)