Teddy Bear

Sometimes, our first impression on others could be wrong. Years ago I met someone whom I thought I would never want to work with. Why? Because of my first impression towards that person. I thought that person was arrogant and really not nice to work with. Plus I didn't even think I would be that unlucky to be working with that person. 

But I changed my mind and my perception towards that person. When I was posted to the present place, I thought that was the end of my entire life, why in the world I was posted here with that person. I hated going to work, simply because I never liked that person.

Eventually, as time passed by, everything I thought about that person was wrong. I don't know how greatful I am to be at this present place and with the presence of that person. The feeling was like my mom and dad was here, just beside me. Everything about that person is so nice like a Teddy Bear. 

And for giving me that oppurtunity, I must thank GOD. You are indeed the greatest.