Pause To Ponder

I'd like to share an e-mail I got today. Many of you may have received it before. But it's nice to share something valuble with everyone.

A sad truth written by Sun Yua (a Taiwanese artist). Perhaps we would change after reading this article.

"Wait" and you shall have no more opportunity/writer: Sun Yat

Today, our house is getting bigger and bigger, but our family, smaller and smaller.

Life is easier, but time, less and less.

Our education level is higher and higher, but common sense, less and less.

Knowledge is getting more and more, but judgement becomes worse and worse.

We have more experts, but there are more and more problems.

Medicine has improved greatly, but health is becoming worse and worse.

We expend a lot, but have too little joy and laughter.
We drive cars very fast, but our temper bursts out even faster.
Sleep very late, read very little, view too much TV and pray very little.
Our fortune is doubled, but value reduced.
We talk a lot, but love very little and lies abound.
We learn how to lead a life, but we don't build up a meaningful life.
We extend our life span, but never increase life in our days.
We have taller and taller buildings, but lower and lower EQ.
We have wider high speed motorways, but have narrower viewpoints.
We spend a great deal, but own very little.
We buy more, but enjoy less.
We travel to the moon and back, but never bother to visit our neighbors.
We conquer the outer space, but have no clue as to how to control our prejudice.
We can dissect atoms, but are unable to remove our biased thinking.
We write more, but learn little.
More schemes, but little success.
We learn how to busy ourselves, but never learn how to wait.
Our income has risen, but morality, declined.
We produce more and more computers, control more information,
Multiply more and more copies, but our communications with others very lacking.
We produce more, but quality deteriorates.
These are times when fast food is aplenty but indigestion also common.

times when huge physiques co-exist with low and bad character.

More leisure but little happiness.

More food but less nutrition.

More double-income families but even more divorce cases.

Many more luxurious houses costing multi-million dollars, but more broken families.

I propose.  In such an era,

You do not keep what you want to do till a specific time to do,

Because the day you are alive and kicking is the specific occasion you should do.

Read more and obtain more knowledge.

Sit in your front veranda and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Do not have to be obssessed with life's mundane needs.

Spend more time with your families and friends,

Enjoy your favorite food.

Travel to places you like to visit.

Life does not depend on maintaining one's existence.

It consists of many happy occasions chained together.

Bring out your crystal champagne glass,

Never keep your best perfume on the shelf.

Any time you want to use it, do so.

Remove "one day", "some day in the future" from your dictionary.

Go now to write that letter

The letter you want to write "one day".

Let us now tell our family that we love them very much.

Do not postpone anything that will bring you laughters, joy and happiness love "till one day".

Every day, every hour and every minute is all very special,

Also, you do not know if it is your last moment of life.