Keow Teow Basah

Keow teow basah, one of my favourite food in Kulim. It's from a stall at Kelang Lama area. Err... not sure what the place is called because I am a foreigner here. tsk...tsk...tsk

The uncle here sure makes a yummy keow teow basah and it's just Rm 3.50. Yup food is really cheap here and tasty too. So far I've eaten his keow teow basah like 6 times after coming to Kulim. I'm never bored of the taste. Delicious.....slurrrrrrrrrrppppppppsss.

So if you're around Kulim....come try the keow teow basah here. Forgot to take the photo of the stall but don't worry, I took photos of the keow teow basah.... you can smell your way to the stall.

NoThINg liKe hAvIng
A gOOd nAp after a bOWl of
keoW TeoW baSah


  1. Aiyo, wanna eat keow teow need to go kulim? Any good keow teow in KL so that we can meet u? :)

    1. keow teow here very tasty...hehe. i'll be back on raya holidays only.


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