Weekend Project

Last Sunday I tried  a new project. That is sewing my own purse. Before that I have already start sewing a kameez/top and right now it is in the last stage of completion. I also did some embroidery for my pillow case.

Hand embroidery takes plenty of time and patience. I took the design from Internet, but instead of tracing the design to the cloth I drew the design myself. So it didn't turn out exactly as the one in the Internet. I was too excited and impatient because I really wanted to see the end product ^_^'.

Here are the pictures of my weekend projects. Handmade embroidered pillow and purse by Jayne.

I used Stem stitch, Lazy Daisy for the leaves, French knot for the eyes, Pistil stitch for the crest on the peacock's head, and Palestrina stitch. Since it was my first time doing embroidery, I used the same thread.

Took me one week to complete the embroidery and 1 day to complete the purse. Can't wait to post my kammez/top once it is done.