Look On Every Exit As Being An Entrance Somewhere Else

I have stayed in this room for much too long. I realised that I have gained too little and wasted my time here. Time is precious like gold and seeing every second of it slipping unproductively through my hands hurts a lot.

But my commitment stops me from leaving this room.

I wish these commitments will end soon. But a wish is just a wish. There is no fairy god mother to grant my wish. This is reality and not a fairytale.

As quoted by writer Tom Stoppard, “look on every exit as being an entrance somewhere else”. I looked around the room. There was an exit in this room.

Taking that exit will bring me to an entrance somewhere else. And that somewhere else is where I want to be. Not leaving my commitments, I have to find my tools and skills to start my journey from that entrance to somewhere else. Somewhere else where I want to be.

Once I am ready, I will take that exit.