HARI MALAYSIA 16.09.2011

After 54 years of Independence,
And 48 years of establishing Malaysian Federation,
Here we are,
Celebrating the formation of our beautiful country.

It’s a Friday and a Holiday!
It’s time to celebrate,
With a great start.
Yes!! A great start with the perfect breakfast,
Nasi Lemak, Tosai or perhaps some Dim Sum.

With my stomach full of Malaysian Delicacies,
I am writing a thank you note to,
All Malaysians for helping me in every way, every day.

Yes, even that smile from you,
brightened my gloomy days.
That honk reminding me to switch on my car lights,
one stressful night.
That willingness to follow me,
to make sure I arrived at the correct place.
And for that concern to make sure I get my
‘Buy one free one offer’. :D

Thank you & Happy Malaysia Day.
May we remain faithful to our country,
and united in our hearts, ALWAYS.