EE Labels

I didn't know anything about the EE Label until I read TheStar online today. EE Label is the label for refrigerators or other appliances that are energy efficient. So if you see 5 stars in that label, it means that it is most efficient in saving energy. But I'm not sure how the label looks like.

I guess most of us are not aware of it until the news came out today in the papers that those who have energy bills between RM 3 and RM 285 can claim RM 200. If you buy 5-star rated air conditioner model, you save RM 100 and if you buy 5-star rated refrigerator model you save RM 200. Both items must be endorsed by Energy Commision.

If you didn't read the papers today or didn't know about this news, and you are very exicited to get you rebate.... wait. Terms and Conditions applies. I forgot to mention that!

So find out if you are qualified for a rebate at Spread the news and save your pockets. Besides checking if you are eligible for rebate, they also have tips on how to save energy and your money. Like that 'blackout curtains' idea.

So don't wait until you are offered a rebate to save energy. You can save more if you use energy.... efficiently.