Toothache ..... Ouchh!! I remember those painful toothaches during my childhood. Mum said I ate to much of sweets and that was the reason I got toothache. She would advise me to brush my teeth before going to bed or else germs would eat my tooth. Which I ignored being the stubborn me.

I didn't know what she meant when she said germs. I thought they were small bugs living in my mouth. Whenever I had a hole in one of my tooth, I thought the bugs had started digging them. I imaged the bugs using an electric drill to drill a hole in my tooth. When I had toothache I thought this time the bugs used a drilling vehicle like the one Shredder of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would use.

The germs were actually plaques. Me and my imagination!!

I was too scared to go to the dentist. Whenever I'm at the dental clinic, my sister had to drag me into the clinic. I managed to escape once. Then there was once my friend had to accompany me to my school dental clinic. I had to remove one of my tooth. She was holding my hand to make me feel calm and less afraid. When the dentist pulled my tooth, I squeezed my friends hand so hard.

She told me "that was even more painful than pulling out a tooth!!!"

*One of my unfinished post which I wrote in January 2011. Finally I finished it today 27.4.2011.